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Tuesday, June 19, 2012
This morning I did the unthinkable! Something I long to do. Something I have disciplined myself not to do- watch a lot of TV.

I made my cup of coffee and sat down to post the weekly Spanish blog P31 devotional. While doing so, I mindlessly watched GMA.

During a brief moment, when I looked up to the TV, little Dannielynn’s face flashed on the screen. I remember years ago she had been the center of a custody battle after the tragic death of her famed mother’s death. Dannielynn’s mother is Ana Nicole Smith 5 year old daughter.

Robin Roberts was interviewing the young father who had won the custody battle. I stopped to watch the rest of the interview.

She is growing up and asking the hard questions – just as our children grow up and make challenging remarks.

“Why did my mother have to die?”

“Where is my mother?”

“When can I see her?”

Her daddy’s answer? “If you are good you can see her in heaven.”

Sweet answer,but is it true?

If we are GOOD do we go to heaven?

What is “good”?

How good does one have to be?

Can a person EVER be good enough?

This is all so confusing. Anna Nicole was a beautiful woman, but some would say she wasn’t “good.” She lived a questionable lifestyle… to some people’s way of thinking. When little Dannielynn grows up and reads the stories she might find out her mother, as beautiful and sweet and kind as she was, didn’t always make good choices.

How confused will she be?

The Bible is not confusing about getting into heaven.

John 3:16 clearly lays out God’s plan. He loved me, and you, so much that he sent His Son, Jesus, to buy us back from the world that constantly tempts us to make bad choices. We are not told to be good. We are told, “Whoever believes in Him, that is Jesus, will have eternal life.”

Believe or be good. No one can ever be good enough, but we can believe that Jesus is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through” His Son.

Let’s not confuse our children by telling them they have to be good to get to heaven. Let’s teach them to believe.