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My favorite smell: The way the earth smells after it rains.

My favorite sound: The first notes of a grand symphony.

My favorite way to relax: Sitting anywhere outside - on my front porch, on my deck, or by the lake, early in the morning with my first cup of coffee.

My favorite birthday dessert: a Peach cobbler baked by my husband. He’s my fave chef!

I will not eat: Avocado. They turn my stomach into a volcano that never erupts.

Technology I couldn't live without and why: My laptop - it takes me anywhere I want to go.

One thing that makes me smile: My sons' faces!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I wait for the Lord, my soul waits and in His Word I put my hope. Psalm 130:5

Instead of spending time in God’s Wait Room, lifting the heavy waits in vain, I have chosen to focus on God’s Word – putting my hope in His Word rather than pacing about carrying my heavy concerns.

Here is a good word from God’s mouth:

He keeps his promises forever. Psalm 146:6

I am doing a study on God’s promises. I want to make sure that my expectations are realistic. Maybe I expect something from God that I heard or perceived, something that in reality is not Biblical or godly.

So I read on and…

Any way your slice it Psalm 146: 7-8 says “The Lord frees the prisoners, lifts up those who are weighed down, loves the godly” clearly means one thing:
He frees, lifts up, and loves.

I am standing on His promises expecting freedom, lifting up, and a measure of love.

While I wait I remind myself to put my hope in His Word, memorizing, repeating, expecting.

“Lord liberate the captives so they may be freed up to glorify You by serving others in these difficult times."

Monday, May 25, 2009



Saturday my neighbor and I noticed a new “FOR SALE” sign down the street.

“I wonder where they’re going?”

We both asked this question of each other and laughed as people do when the same thing comes out of two mouths talking back and forth.

What about you? Where are you going these days?

Whether you are relocating to find a new job, to get closer or farther away from family, or if you are simply considering a spiritual or emotional move, You have come to the right place to discuss:

Your next move.

I would like to challenge you to make a move – move IN.

Ephesians is a book all about moving. Yesterday our sermon wrapped up the book of Ephesians. We have been studying Paul’s letter for several weeks and I learned something new.

Ephesians is a book about moving – moving IN.

Beginning with the first chapter -

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us IN the heavenly realms

with every spiritual blessing IN Christ.

he chose us IN him before the creation of the world

to be holy and blameless IN his sight.

IN love predestined us to be adopted as his children through Jesus Christ,

IN accordance with his pleasure and will—

to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us IN the One he loves.

IN him we have redemption

Moving got you confused, disconnected, stressed, and troubled?

Read on - mark every "IN" as you read the book of Ephesians. God wants us IN, not out.

What's keeping you from accepting the invitation?

Right now – move IN.

IN him we were chosen! No place I'd rather be!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



If today you find yourself in God’s Wait Room – you are not alone!

It is the process through which we all must pass in order to emerge prepared for the next step of our journey.

If you have followed my blog, you know we have recently celebrated the graduation from med school of our daughter in law.

I remember the day – she was in the 6th or 7th grade, she marched into my kitchen soaking wet! I immediately knew what her problem was. You see, on my front lawn that warm spring day, the neighborhood kids were engaged in a water fight.

Boys vs. Girls.

Water guns had not sufficed so the ingenious girls found the hose. It became their weapon of choice. It appeared from my vantage point they might whoop the boys.

The boys were stronger. They wrestled the hose from the girls and… well you know…

Boys are merciless, especially if threatened, especially if it appears girls might whoop them.

Now the wet-to-the-bones girls were asking for towels.

I realized how much my son cared for this little girl when he ran into the house, took the stairs three at a time, and returned with clothes for them.

The first picture I have of my sweet girl (in-law) – she is in my son’s way-too-big-for-her clothes!

The most recent picture I have of her is a young woman in her cap and gown – not just any cap and gown- an impressive one.

No longer wet behind the ears, she is waiting, again, for the day she begins her residency.

Are you in God’s Wait Room?

Look back. Find yourself somewhere in the past.

How far you have come! How much you have done!

How faithful - God? He has brought you this far. He will carry you on...

Know that waiting is necessary. You are on a journey. God is preparing you through this wait.

Keep your eyes on the prize!

It’s worth it!!
Wednesday, May 6, 2009



I absolutely can’t wait! Next week DH and I take a trip to visit our children.

I can’t wait to see them!

We are driving and my younger son is flying. Family is gathering. Lots of family – for a very important event.

So what is the occasion, you might be asking.

My daughter-in-law is walking across the stage.

Not just any stage.

When she stops to receive her certificate she will walk off the stage a…


I can not even begin to understand it. I am so amazed with her accomplishments, it defies anything I could ever fathom.

Here is the deal:

She has wanted to be a doctor since she was a toddler playing with her baby dolls and little Fisher Price doctor’s bag.

She just couldn’t wait to grow up and be a doctor.

Well there are lots of things I thought I couldn’t wait to happen in my life:

Can’t wait to find a job

Can’t wait for a test result

Can’t wait for a loved one to heal

Can’t wait for a relationship to mend

Can’t wait for…

My life can be defined by “can’t waits.” Some have been more serious waits than others.

Sometimes I thought all I could do was sit, hope the time would pass --- fast, and wait for the thing to happen.

Guess what? My daughter-in-law didn’t begin her career by “waiting.” I don’t believe she had a dream at three and then began to wait. Oh no. For the last 25 years she has planned and prepared.

I know because I have watched her since she was in the fifth grade. She looked at her future. She set goals. She concentrated. She worked hard. She studied. She graduated – tops in her class – twice! She prepared for her medical entrance exams and took them. It was hard. That didn’t stop her.

Then she began medical school. Four years ago she couldn’t wait to become a doctor. She has spent sleepless nights observing patients in hospital rooms. She has stood on her feet long hours in cold surgical arenas. She has sat for hours listening and learning during long lectures. She has memorized body parts, terms, chemicals, and illnesses most of us don’t know exist!

She couldn’t wait to be a doctor.

In one week she will be a doctor.

Then guess what? All that waiting will be turned into another four year wait as she works her way through her specialty in a program called a residency.

I am learning to wait from her. While she waits to become a doctor, to practice medicine, to treat others’ illnesses she doesn’t simply sit and wait for the dream to come true, for the thing to materialize.

She plans. She prepares.

What are you waiting for?

When your dream comes true, when the thing happens, will you be prepared when your dream materializes?

Waiting includes active planning and preparing.

Monday, May 4, 2009


A Study in Humility

Humble yourself… I Peter 5:6

This economy may have you movin'. Movin' back home. Movin' in with family. Movin' into a new job. Movin' your career into your house.

Whatever the move, you might be led by the world to berlieve that it takes self-reliance to make a successful move.







registering... are all part of a relocation.

The overwhelming fact is that the bulk of all this activity takes place within a few short months.

The world would define a move-her as a capable woman who trusts in her own instincts. She is a person who doesn’t depend on anyone else, one who can do very well on her own, thank you very much, because she believes in herself.

To the contrary God’s Word says that it takes reliance on Him to move successfully because it is in Him that we live, and move, and have our being (Acts17:28).

The overwhelming task of moving an entire household, often single-handedly, takes extraordinary emotional and mental energy. Rather than attempting to make the move on our own accord, let's consider humility: total dependence on God to see us through.

Your immediate move may have nothing to do with a career. Maybe you find yourself in the midst of a spiritual journey. Are you trying to beaa better person, determineid to do it all right?? Guees what, can't be done on your own. We need Jesus to help us, to show us how, to lead the way.

Humble yourself. Stop trying to do it all on your own. Let Him take the lead. Then simply follow.
Friday, May 1, 2009


Today I had a definite - out of my garden and into the junlge experience. I stepped out of my comfort zone!

We have a routine when we travel. Our little dog – yes the star of my book and children’s special event- goes to the house of a friend who loves him. Her boys love him even more. He is so good she calls him the gentleman.

Only she calls him the “caballero.” That is gentleman in Spanish.

My friend is from the Dominican Republic and speaks very little English.

She asked me to do her a favor when I took Air – that’s my dog’s name, in case you didn’t know, to her house this afternoon.

My son named him after his favorite star- Michael AIR Jordan!

“Sure,” I said. In Spanish. “How can I help you?”

Shouldn’t have been so willing to help.

“I have a problem with my neighbor,” she told me.

Uh oh. I don’t confront neighbors. Fortunately never really have had to. Blessed me.

Any way – she wanted me to step across the street and ask the neighbor to keep their cat out of her yard. It had dug up all her freshly planted flowers – I could feel for her –
and the cat had left its little dark, long, stinky packages- gifts all over her flower beds. YUK

So she voted me to talk to her neighbor, ‘cuz she didn’t feel she could be understood if she spoke to them in broken English.

“Pray.” I told her!

We walked across the street. All the blinds were pulled tight.

We knocked. Nothing happened.

We knocked again. Someone peered through the blinds.

That was it, but the boy of the house peered through again and saw me smiling at him.

He cracked open the door and I asked to speak to a parent.

He shut the door! Then he came back, opened the door and reluctantly mumbled to someone in the house.

I braced myself.

A big man with no shirt showed up.

All I could see were tatoos. I had a hard time making eye contact with him.

The whole scene, house and little boy included, was creepy.

I smiled, took a deep breath and explained the problem.

“Your neighbor” I pointed to her. “She doesn’t speak English and asked me to ask you if you could please keep her cat home. You see, she really likes working in her flower bed and it is nasty when she has to sniff little gift packages left by your cat. Oh and she spent lots of money on flowers that have been dug up by your cat.”

I smiled, well sorta' - weakly I might add...

He stared at me. He seemed shocked. Incredulous.

I wondered when was the last time he had left his house, spoken to another human being.

He looked at me a long time.

I, opened my eyes wide to prompt him to reply. Nodded my head: up and down... w

Mr. big bare tatooed chest man didn't seem to know how to communicate.

Finally words rolled out of his mouth:

“I can’t tell my cat where he can go. I mean it is a cat. How am I supposed to keep my cat out of her yard. That is what cats do. They roam.”

“I understand, sir, but that is her yard and she takes great pride in her flowers and flower beds.”

He attempted to comply by saying he would try to keep his cat out of her yard, but reminded me, “Cats roam.”

Then I felt I had to get a little firm with him.

“Sir, that is her private property. She has no pets and she is simply making a small request.”

Again, he stared. I could see his thoughts running around in his mind, trying to come together, attempting to line up so he could speak.

Tatoo-covered-bare-chested man smiled at her and spoke in Spanish,

“Lo siento.” I’m sorry. I feel for you.

“OK” my friend smiled.

We turned around and walked away.

“One thing,” I said to her before I drove away.

“Take him a plate of cookies.”

As I drove away from the neighborhood I sank into saddness.

Sad for a little boy who lives in that house.

Sad for a man that doesn't seem to understand about neighbors, yet has a kind heart .
Sad that the only encounter I may ever have with them is to file a complaint. I don’t like to complain to ANYBODY.

What would you do?

God. please watch over that family.