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Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

Monday, December 21, 2009


Have you ever considered that the gift of a tissue given at just the right time could be the sweetest and most compassionate of gifts?
Yesterday the music in church and our worship service took me (any the women around me) straight to the presence of God.

First I have to set the stage and confess that I was not the friendly kind person I like to think I am. My son was with us – home from college for the holidays. What a joy for him to be sitting by my side. I was so into him that I ignored the lady to my left. Oh – I smiled and said hello, but even though I felt nudged to introduce myself and inquire into her life, I ignored the gentle promptings. Naughty me.

Church started with music and singing and corporate worship. When the children joined the choir – I began to lose control. And then when a lone little boy stepped up to the mic and sang his soul out,”Peaaaaaaace onnnnnnnnn eaaarth, Peaaaaaaace onnnnnnnnn eaaarth …. ” bells ringing in the back ground -- tears exploded from the depths of my heart and brain. I remembered my sons- once they too were young, in the children’s choir, singing their hearts out with total trust and belief in the Christ of Christmas.

Next a trained opera singer burst forth with a medley of 5 or 6 Christmas songs- The Nativity Suite. There was not a note she didn’t reach. Now my heart was exploding.

While I discreetly wiped away tears, or so I thought…

I pressed tear ducts willing them to dry up and palmed my cheeks trying in vain to catch the many tears that kept coming, I wondered if I were going to have to excuse myself.
Then--- stranger sitting next to me offered her gift- she handed me a tissue and tucked it into my hand. I didn’t deserve her attention nor compassion. After all I had initially ignored her. But I smiled – humbly and thankfully and took the offered gift.
I think God smiled too. He saw the kind, thoughtful, caring gesture. He watched his two daughters- one reaching out, another accepting the offer.
The dam breaker occurred when the men’s quartet sang Mary Did You Know.

Now lady in front of us also needed a tissue. Stranger offered another much needed gift. God saw. I know these insignificant kindnesses pleased Him.

This gift – of a single tissue—wiped away my tears, allowed me to experience the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit- Christmas in its fullest expression:
Music. Praise. Belief. Compassion. Care. Kindness. Not me. Others.
After church we talked. She is a mother too. Hers are also grown. Some gone. Not home for Christmas. She had her own silent reasons for tears. That didn’t keep her from reaching out to me. I love God’s daughters.

Next time I am going to be a better daughter- make my King smile.

May you have a Merry Musical Christmas and experience God’s love by reaching out to a stranger or allowing a stranger to reach out to you.



Laura said...

A sweet story, friend. Merry Christmas to you.

B His Girl said...

She was attentive to those around her. What a lesson for us! It is easy to get absorbed in something or someone and miss everything else. She was prepared.
Merry Christmas Van. I want to continue to reach outside of myself. B

Mari said...

What a sweet story! Oh to be more obedient, I know I've ignored some nudgings too! But God forgives nad reaches out to us through a tissue :)

I pray you have a very blessed Christmas Van!!