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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday I had the awesome privilege of talking with Christy Pepper at Moody Radio

We talked about moving.

What has been your experience with moving?

Have you ever moved? Do you know people who have been transferred and relocated?

Moving is a lot like playing the game of survivor. For me each move has felt like an attempt to eliminate me from life!

But I bounced back- I survived!

Not because I am strong and resourceful, but because God was in the midst of it and He had plan- a bigger picture.

God uses the corporate move, the military deployment, and the missionary’s assignment to strengthen His ambassadors and build His kingdom.

And everyone I know has—survived.

So how do we survive those stressful and difficult demands- requirements on our lives that insist we move if we are going to eat, pay the bills, and get ahead?

My favorite manual for movers is a book- A WAY THROUGH THE WILDERNESS by Jamie Buckingham. It is a journal of sorts- a combination story of Moses’ journey through the wilderness to the Promised Land and our personal  journey,  be it our life’s trip to heaven or a mere move to a new home.

Either way- God has prepared for us an individual journey and for many of us it includes moving- a lot, like our spiritual forefathers.

There are rules in the wilderness- rules developed by the ancient Bedouins and shepherds – manners of sorts that were created to make sure that travelers survived.

Mr. Buckingham writes that “The wilderness code of hospitality recognizes that no man can exist alone in the wilderness. We are not only forced to lean on each other for help, we are obliged to reach out to the stranger who knocks at the door for help."

Long before I became a survivor- of the move, I had no problem reaching out to strangers – that put me in a position of power and control and gave me a feeling of good deeds.

But God wanted me to be more touchable, reachable, real and vulnerable. He wanted to teach me humility. So He insisted that I accept help. It was only then- when I humbled myself and allowed others to help me- that He allowed me to truly survive and come out of the move on the other side- an overcomer, one who not only limped through the process, but one who soared and along the way lifted others.

Want to survive your next move? Bring others along. Let them touch you, help you, provide for you- imagine the euphoria they will feel as they assist you in your attempt to soar to the next destination God has planned for you.

As you soar let your light



Anonymous said...

This is encouraging to remember that we all can survive a move. My husband and I are planning on moving again in September. When God has surrounded the situation with peace, it doesn't seem that it is totally stress-free, but there is a confidence that He has you in the right place!

Julie Coleman said...

My latest move was a career move. I left the classroom behind after 20 years and moved into speaking and writing as a ministry. Leaving something I was good at-- teaching was as natural as breathing for me!!-- to retreat speaking has taught me so much already. Mostly what I have learned is how to depend on the Lord on a whole new level-- He is always sufficient when I am sorely lacking. Which is often.