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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's in your entry way Wednesday's

Last spring I threw some seeds in the ground around my mail box. I dug up the dirt and stuck sunflower seeds and zinnia seeds into little shallow holes.

I didn't really have much hope. I have tried growing flowers from seeds before. Nothing really ever happened.

Not so this year. Although we have had a dry summer, I had a bumper crop of flowers. I have enjoyed them so.

Every week I cut flowers from my flower bed and fill a vase with flowers- just to make my entry way look cheery and inviting. 

It really doesn't take a lot to add a little life to a setting. Find a spot in your house where the natural light seeps in and put a few flowers in the rays of sunshine. Suddenly the room comes to life!   



Meaghan said...

Hmmm, well that is truly an inspiration because I can't grow hardly a thing from seeds - I was popping thru the list of P31 contributors and your sunflower picture won me over and took me by surprise - that's one plant I'd sure love to get growing! I've tried in the past half heartily, and it's a little late to start now. Please feel free to post more of your great garden pictures!