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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mission accomplished!

Yes! I am almost home after having been gone for three weeks!!!

The reason I have been away from home? There are many- since I teach 10 months during the year, if I want to see family, I  go for long periods of time in the summer.

My awesome and wonderfully fun loving mother celebrated her 88th birthday in June so I threw her a surprise party- in her own home. Two of her best friends helped me and we had 18 singing happy birthday to her.

During this time away from home my husband and I also visited his family.

The highlight of visiting family is the time I get to spend on the lake at my mother's home. Oh! I spent so much wonderful time- talking with God, being still, listening to him, and enjoying the works of His hands all around me.

Now I am refreshed and ready to get home.

Tomorrow- I walk through the doors to my house and begin to prepare for She Speaks. I am so excited about the second part of my summer.

Family visited- msision accomplished.

She Speaks- around the corner!




Michele said...

Dear sweet Van,

What a beautiful post and picture!
You are the loveliest daughter, mother and wife I've met!

You inspire me in every way!

I pray grandma is doing well, and I'm really sure she loved the surprise!
I can't wait for the second half of your summer!! Not only because of the She Speaks, but because of the days I'm gonna spend with you!

I love you!

Your little sister,

Wendy Bello said...

Great picture of you and your mom!!! And I'm happy you got to spend such a great time.
Many blessings as you prepare for the second half...where I'll finally get to give you a real hug!! So looking forward to those days!!

Many blessings my sweet sister friend,


Michele said...

I forgot to post that you BOTH are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L