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Monday, September 1, 2008


Where has your life’s journey placed you right now?

This time yesterday I found myself in the water, under a raft, on a desperate journey seeking air!

Yesterday my husband and I and our two friends who came to visit us for the weekend decided to go white water rafting. Oh-we didn’t go to the mountains where wild and rough rivers meander around huge boulders and drop down steep shoots. Although I have taken some rough rides through deep canyons past incredible sights, yesterday was not that day.

Thirty minutes from my house a U.S. National Whitewater course opened up for the public to enjoy controlled rafting.

Looking for a little fun, the four of us decided to take advantage of what was left of the summer and participate in the local water sport.

We signed up, sat through the orientation, met our guide, and climbed into our raft. Immediately Carol, my friend, told Rafio our rafter – you let the raft flip, don’t expect a tip. In other words – “no tip if we flip.”

Guess what? That is when Rafio decided he would see to it that we flipped. He was a fun guide. Immediately we went out into the channel with a sea full of other rafts full of suckers just like us – families and friends looking for a cool adventure on the last day of summer.

We laughed, screamed, and paddled our way over rapids and around man made boulders. Rafio made sure we got wet. After taking us through the class 1 and 2 channel, he turned us toward the more advanced course. Of course it never was the advanced course because we paid for the intermediate trip.

He yelled two strokes, we all obeyed. We found ourselves turned around traveling down the river backward, he yelled one stroke backward and we all did as we were told. We made a good team.

Although we bumped, rolled, lost our balance, and became soaked in the course of our journey, by the last leg of our journey we felt invigorated. Our choice to go to the USNWC had been a good decision.

Yahooooooo we cheered as we shot through the rapids.

And then suddenly from out of nowhere our raft slowed down, pitched forward, and reared up. We hung above the waves for a split second and one by one tumbled out of the raft. I remember thinking, “I am not supposed to let go of my paddle. Don’t let go of the paddle, Don’t let go of the paddle.” I succeeded in that area.

Then with one hand I grabbed my sunglasses. For a moment I thought I had them. But I realized a more pressing problem presented itself.

I needed to take a breath! I mean- I really needed to take a breath! My lungs were screaming. Letting go of my glasses I reached for the bottom of the raft and began to feel my way to the edge…

“I need to breathe! Where is the air? I am not afraid of water. I am a confident swimmer. I just can’t seem to find any air!”

Reaching the point of desperation, I knew I had to make a MOVE…

I realized I was in the water, under the raft, swirling around in an eddy…

Of course this was not the time to contemplate life’s challenges-although the challenge facing me had me in a hard place.

Looking back, I realize that when we find ourselves in tough circumstances, facing testy trials, we may be forced to make a desperate move in order to survive.

I let go of my glasses, opened my eyes, even though it meant possibly losing my contact lenses, and I pushed off from the raft in the direction of the light.

My head bobbed up above the water an I took a breath. AHHH air, sweet life giving air.

I had made a desperate move and it paid off.

Let go the unimportant.

Open my eyes.

Seek the light.

Take a breath.

Is God calling you to make a desperate move? Go for it.


Dana said...

Oh, my sista! I could SO see that trip!1 What fun, fun, fun! I am so thankful you were able to "catch-your-breath"! I simply couldn't not imagine life with out you!!
And yes, I did laugh...I bet that guide was laughing at y'all too, huh? Sounds like an incredible adventure! luv & hugs!

Peggy said...

WOW my precious Van...I'm so glad that you let go of the unimportant, opened your eyes, saw the Light and
took a good fresh breathe...and YOU are ALIVE!!! Praise God!

No tengo ningun idea porque viniste para verme. I don't have any idea why you came to visit me today because it was a month ago that I came and invited you for an award just to honor you(&P31)and Van! But because you did you saw my new Monday Meme for Mission[and by the way what you do with AIR would have qualified as a MISSION if you have a previous post to link that shows how you bring him to the schools, etc. and want people to come on over]. I wrote on AIR's Blog also
from one of my 5 dogs: Chimi down
here in Mexico!!!

Thank you for saying YES to praying and blessing me with your wonderful words for those persecuted for Christ or needing Jesus! Right under that post was a bilingual post for Day 1 prayer focus!

I was so pleasantly surprised, encouraged and humbly blessed.
I only know ONE VAN and I thought...naw, why would she come visit me? Oh...from my Anniversary blog when I invited her to Share the Love Award and Friendship Award! Oh I don't even remember all
but you bless me so with your BLOGS

Thank you! Thank you for taking God's principles like the ones today and a practical everyday
situation to make us see WHY we live in the Jungle...when we should be breathing in the fresh garden of such sweet fragrances! Did you meet my sweet blog friends Carol Hatch
@ sheeptotheright and Amy Wyatt @ signsmiraclesandwonders from Georgia, at the SheSpeaks Conference?
Probably not...but maybe!!!They just went to hear Lysa again!

I pray that you continue with AIR and his blog! So far it does not look like I'm teaching Spanish/English this fall, but it's in God's hands. Maybe HE has something new! Bless you, Van!
(I hardly ever leave a brief comment for someone I love)!HUG

Shonda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'll look at your books. I just love animals and couldnt imagine my life without them--we have both dogs and cats (but I tend to favor the cats).

This is an excellent post. I like how you tied it together. Letting go of what is not so important to get what is important--a breath.

btw-did you lose your contacts? I always hated that when I wore contacts. I changed to the corneal remolding type that you wear at night and can see all day without lenses. Great for that type of adventure.

Engrafted by His Grace-

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Awesome, Van! I could almost feel myself desperate for air!! Wow, to be so desperate for GOD...I think I'm there, too! What a great post.

debrah said...

What an adventure! Soooooo glad that you opted for breath!!! there is something so exhilarating(sp) about that first breath...great post!
Be Blessed,
In His Love,

Sassy Granny said...

Great adventure! Risk-taking is, well ... risky. But playing it safe just doesn't net such profound experiences.

As I was reading, it occurred to me that often I feel that way about God. I'm nearly drowning at times when that desperation leads to such a strong desire; a desire for breath of a different sort.

I'm sure you'll have stories yet to come from just this one undertaking.

Be blessed; I'm glad you're safe.


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

We've been to this place too! it's a lot of fun! Loved your spin on it though!!

Carmen said...

Wonderful Van! I love seeing how the LORD is speaking to your spirit...and I love getting your encouraging comments as well!

Shalom Aleichem, Sister and by His Ruach HaKodesh (Set-Apart BREATH OF ADONAI), may you INHALE even deeper today....

Tammy R said...

I loved reading about your breathe taking adventure.You surely a brave gal...very brave!

I think we all at one time or another have wanted to hold on to something that may cost us our life.But once we let go,just like you,it takes us to a place of safety.

My husband would love for us to go white water rafting but I don't like to get my hair wet:)

Thank you for visiting my blog,

The Patterson 5 said...

Wow! What an adventure! I'm gasping for breath just reading it!

Sarah Martin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog-it was fun to meet someone new! What a great place to go. I will have to look it up!

Today I let go of my notions of what kind of mom I want to be a grabbed a hold of what kind of mom that God wants me to be. I had to start back to work after 3 months on my maternity leave-bummer. I have been having guilt that I can not be a stay at home mom right now. But, the Lord gave me peace to day as I dropped of my little boy at the babysitter and I had a great day at work! Thank you LORD!

Hope you have a great week!
love, sarah

Laura said...

I felt my heart start racing and my lungs constrict as I pictured you under that raft, my friend! I must admit, I'm easily spooked when it comes to that kind of thing...I'm sure you were never in danger, but I'm oh, so glad you found your deep breath!
Sounds like you had a lot of fun too! We have our share of Whitewater here in WV. I'm ashamed to say I've only been down the river one time on the raft, but plenty of times in the slow moving canoe!
Story of my life. Maybe it's time to get out of the boat...

Luanne said...

Couldn't breath there for a minute. Wow how scary. Now your ready to head to the big boy rapids.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.