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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Everyone is waiting!

Last week while mindlessly watching (or not actually watching - but hearing the drone of the television) the evening news, I heard the word “waiting” I can’t tell you how many times!

…waiting for the bus that often does not show up on time the first day of school
…waiting for the rain to stop and floods to recede (my home town was severely flooded last week)

…waiting to hear the Republicans announce the VP
…waiting to see where the hurricane was headed – Fay, Gustav, Hannah, (I have a son in college in the wake of Hannah), Ike! Yikes!

of course all those evacuated from New Orleans were now

…waiting to return home
…waiting for the economy to take a turn
…waiting for gas prices to drop

And of course
…waiting for the war to come to an end because we are so hopefully
…waiting for our sons and daughters to come home

When I think of waiting, one of the pictures I conjure up is that of an approaching storm. Haven’t we had our share of storms here in the US? A feeling of gloom creeps over the horizon. Emotional dark clouds gather as we wait for the details of our personal storm to be laid out, just like watching the evening news, waiting to hear: the location and severity of the strike.

How does one prepare for the ‘storm?’

My son and his roommates communicated with their parents who offered sanctuary from far inland. The storm would be a category 1 storm so the guys decided to ride it out.

In some cases we have no choice but to ride out our waits.

Right now, though, hurricane Ike is threatening the gulf coast and preparations are being made to evacuate.

All over the television I see pictures of windows being boarded up and sand bags being filled in order to create protective walls. Cots are being washed down in Dallas, preparing for evacuees. Church groups are in route preparing themselves to be available once help is needed. People everywhere are preparing.

How would you categorize your wait? What are you doing while you wait?

If you have followed along with me as I discuss waiting, you remember that King Hezekiah is my hero. His time trials taught me to wait. One of his exercises in God’s Wait Room was to fortify the city of Jerusalem. (2 Chronicles 32)

Hezekiah was not facing a hurricane. The Assyrians who devastated everything in their path might as well have been a hurricane! While in the midst of his time of waiting he surveyed his surroundings and realized the walls of his city needed to be strengthened
I learned by reading Hezekiah’s story that I can fortify myself spiritually while I wait.

The biggest mistake I make when I allow myself to panic as I watch the gathering storm- the biggest mistake I make is that I turn to the world where I think I can take refuge.

King David, Hezekiah’s great great great grandfather wrote:

“It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in men.” (Psalm 118:8)
Here is another thought for us as Wait Trainers, while we wait:

“Without watchful expectation on our part, what is the sense in waiting on God for help? There will be no help without it. If we ever fail to receive strength and protection from Him, it is because we have not been looking for it. Heavenly help is often offered yet goes right past us. We miss it because we are not standing in the tower, carefully watching the horizon for evidence of its approach and then are unready to throw the gates of our heart open so it may enter. The person who has no expectations and therefore fails to be on the alert will receive little help. Watch for God in the events of your life.” Streams in the Desert

How will you fortify yourself as you wait? May God strengthen you and protect you in the fold of his wings.


Laura said...

I must admit, I gave in to frustration in my wait this morning. I let cross words cross my tongue, because I'm tired of waiting! I needed to hear these words, Van. I think that is one of the things the Lord is waiting for me to do before He ends this waiting: fortify myself. I know I am supposed to be learning something while I wait. I might as well try to figure it out instead of standing here stamping my foot!

Carmen said...

My kids and I had a discussion the other day about how Yeshua was NEVER in a hurry as He was doing the will of the Father...and NEVER in a hurry even though He new that His time on earth would be a short span....and even as His crucifixion was just around the corner...He was NEVER anxious, NEVER in a hurry....


'A man of understanding is of a calm spirit.' ~ Proverbs 17:27

Digging for Pearls said...

Hi Van,
I will be praying for your son.

Our waiting right now has to do with a job. My husband had an interview on Tuesday and now we wait until next week to see what the answer is concerning their wanting him or not. Waiting is not always something I do well....

Hope you have a great day.


On Purpose said...

Call me an optimistic girl...but waiting when I know the ulitmate prize/outcome is a little easier for me...hey don't get me wrong I am not a patient person...just trying to wait with the right perspective.

While waiting...I am trying to be obedient, teachable and spreading His love to those around me!