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Friday, November 14, 2008


I am celebrating tonight. This week I finally accomplished something truly BIG – for me that is. I managed to create a video and upload it onto a special blog.

Here is the skinny~

For some time now I have harbored a dream. My dream has been to take my dog . THIS IS AIR

on the road to tell his miraculous story, which is really every child’s, who chooses to follow Jesus, story.

First I wrote his story and published it. That was almost three years ago. The book I wrote is called FROM THE POUND TO THE PALACE.
Last year I converted the book into a DVD with the help of Renee Swope and her two very talented sons.

It is the story of how the dog, my son and I chose at the animal shelter, came home to live in our house. His story is a simple parallel to the human story. We were all lost until The Master stepped into our lives and invited us to follow Him.

So, anyway you ask what is the big deal? Today after creating a special promo video, much aggravation because I am technically challenged, e-mailing back and forth with a tech savvy friend, and lots of perseverance I finally uploaded a video to my doggie’s blog.

I feel like I have just earned enough credits, I certainly put in the hours, to receive a graduate degree in doggie bloggie uploading!

Tonight I feel very satisfied.

Do you have an accomplishment you would like to share?


Sita said...

Hi Van,
First of all, congrats on your accomplishment!
And second, thank you for dropping by with a thoughtful comment and offering your prayers for the family of Brandon.
I do so love the title of your blog and the pics as well. Beautiful. Hope to drop by some more. Blessings to you.

Joyful said...

Van, I just watched your DVD - no wonder you're excited! That's so sweet! The story sounds amazing!

Thanks for visiting my blog! It's nice to 'meet' you too.


Laura said...


I watched the video! I am so impressed. I understand being techno challenged. My husband is always my tech wizard. Poor guy.

It was very special to see the children interacting with Air. I especially enjoyed watching him "sign" the dvd.

you are sucha blessing to these children. keep doing these good works, friend!


Sassy Granny ... said...

Precious dog!

I must admit I'm somewhat jealous of your newest tech-savvy success. I attempt to do all sorts of things with my blog-home only to give up after many trying attempts.

I'm now hopeful, and also entertained.

Be blessed,

Shanda said...

I enjoyed the video! Nice work!
I read Air's story to Nya. She loves animals and I love the bigger story and look forward to discussions that will take place because of how well you tied the two together.