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Monday, November 17, 2008


The young woman clung to her mother-in-law. “Don’t leave without me! Take me with you.”

What a testimony. Can you imagine, a young woman begging to be included in the journey her mother-in-law is about to take?

We all know the story of Ruth and Naomi – how Naomi’s husband had moved her to a foreign land in the midst of a famine. He moved his family because he wanted to provide for them. Maybe you have had to move in order to find better provisions, a more stable life, a secure future.

Once Namoi, her husband, and their sons settled in Moab the sons married local girls. Tragedy hit and all three men died. Life has always been difficult, hasn’t it? It is not just during our trying times today that life has presented challenges.

Namoi decided to move – again, alone. She wanted to return to the land of her people, her culture, her God.

Ruth, one of her daughters in law, wanted to go with her. She wanted what Naomi had. She couldn’t imagine life without Naomi as her mentor.

God has been moving this “older woman” – me! It has been nearly a decade since I last made a corporate move. That does not mean, though, that God has stopped moving me.

Recently a call went out from our church’s youth department. The youth minister has a team of older youth- young adults who walk alongside the teenagers in our congregation. Many of the young adults are single, far from home, engaged in the church, but still lonely, working all day, facing trials alone… Our brilliant and compassionate youth pastor contacted people in the church asking them to come along side his team of young adults.

Last week I met M---a after having e-mailed with her for over two months (only because I was out of town traveling). She is beautiful. So gracious and intelligent. Independent too. Oh, and she loves the Lord. She shared her dreams of becoming a missionary, told me a little bit about her family, gave me insight into her passions and announced her upcoming business trip to Puerto Rico.

I fell in love with her. Tomorrow night she is coming over for dinner.

M--a is such a godly young lady, I am not sure I have a whole lot to offer, but I can open my heart and my home to a young person whose family lives far away. I can listen to her thoughts and pray for her. And I can allow her insight into the youthful culture of today to move me to be more engaging of the young people with whom I come in contact. After all – both of my sons also live in that culture. Maybe next time I sit down with one of my children, they will take notice: their growing older mom understands them, is in touch with the new millennium, relates to the issues they face, is moving with today’s generation rather than retreating into her own comfort zone.

When I discuss mentoring with others I always say – “It’s a two way relationship: the wisdom of the older woman only goes so far because the youth and energy of the younger woman is a necessary part of understanding, openness, and a growing relationship."

Let me ask you a question? Are you the wisdom or the energy in your relationships? Is God moving you to be a Ruth or a Naomi to others?

I would like to encourage you to invest in the life of a young adult. We are entering shaky times and I know parents who live far away from their children wonder if they are secure. I am one of those parents My son and his wife live very far from me. I have one comfort, though. My son is surrounded by godly mentors. I can do no less. I can move into the life of one young person and offer to move with her as she navigates the waters of adulthood.


JottinMama said...

Thanks for this post! I just read a book by Francine Rivers that told the story of Ruth. It really caught my attention. I live over 1,000 miles away from my family. I have my husband and his family and my son and some lovely friends - but I know how important it is to have relationships with other women - older and younger than myself. As we look for a church to join after a recent move - I pray that God brings women of all kinds into my life - that I can share this journey with!

Thanks so much for the reminder today! Have a wonderful week :)


RefreshMom said...

From what I've seen here so far, I think M is a lucky young lady.

I'm someplace in between wisdom and energy, I think. Old enough and long enough on this journey to be part wisdom, and yet in a life-stage with little ones that puts me on the energy side of the fence at times too. It's a strange kind of limbo, both being and needing (more) wisdom.

Thanks for stopping by RefreshMoments. I'm glad you found it encouraging--it's always a blessing to hear your hopes being realized. Hope to see you again!


Laura said...


You always inspire, my friend! Our church is in a state of disarray right now, but one program that has remained strong is our youth. I have helped teach these sassy youngsters for three years now. Wow. Has it been that long? I love them. They give much to me; but I pray I am planting seeds.

Love you,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Your words strike a chord in me today. I long to be mentored...to find my Naomi (minus the bitter); I do feel as those I am investing in the lives of younger women in my life. I lead Bible study, but would like to have more one-on-one times with a few of them. Lisa Bevere has written a wonderful book on mentoring called "Nurture." It speaks about the beauty and necessity of mentoring and being mentored.

Thank you for the reminder that my investment in the lives of the next generation matter! I'll especially be on the look out for the lonely onlies.

peace and happy Thanksgiving~elaine

Laura said...


Just dropping by to say hello and Happy Advent!
Love you,