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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Last night all five of us – husband, sons, daughter-in-law and I had a night out together. We had pizza at a sheik pizza place in uptown Charlotte and then went to see Defending the Caveman, a one man comedy about the differences in the sexes.

The play was funny. We all enjoyed laughing at ourselves and each other. I felt sorry for my younger son. I think he was the only one in the theater without a significant other, but I do believe he learned a lot about the opposite sex. I told him what a good sport he is for having joined us.

This is what we learned:

Men are hunters. They get together, make a plan, focus on the hunt, slay the animal, and bring it home. Everything is pretty direct. This is why men like the TV. They watch it and with the remote control slay channels as they surf!

They enjoy sports together also. There is a goal: victory over the opponent.

They rarely focus on each other except to negotiate.

Women are gatherers. They get together, focus on each other, share their findings, discuss where to find the best, compliment each other. This is why women like to shop!
It is really gathering!

While men are negotiating, women are cooperating.

Have you noticed that women like to work in groups. While they do so they talk, laugh, help each other.

Men get to the point: choose the prey, stalk it, kill it. Simple!

Women – not so. They wander around. Decide if it is ripe, selecting the correct color in the proper season. Women take time choosing, discussing how to prepare it, or how wear it. Encourage each other. Compliment one another. Share!

We were given an illustration:

Do you hear a man telling another man that he looks good when he comes over to have dinner? NOPE that would be weird.

Do you EVER overhear men discussing what they are going to wear? No!

But women – I asked Kara – so did you wear black stockings or nude colored when you went on your interview.

The men burst out laughing!

“What does it matter?”

So this morning my younger son, daughter-in-law and I went shopping.

Benjamin went to one store – on the hunt for a sweater and some shirts. He stalked the jungle and soon showed up with his finds. I saw him across the store. There he stood victorious, his finds up in the air. Shirts held in one fist. Sweater held in the other. He had accomplished his goal within 30 minutes.

Kara went on a fact finding mission. An hour and a half later she had come to a conclusion! She decided to go on line to gather more information before making her final choice.

We laughed – my unmarried son, daughter-in-law and I.

Women and men ARE different.

Last night I was reminded. God made us different to compliment each other, to help one another. Where one is weak the other is strong. This is a good thing. Let’s use it to our benefit.

Next year I am going to work harder at enjoying the differences in the sexes in our household!