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Monday, November 2, 2009


Ever since last week when I finished my “pilgrim” posts I have been asking myself, “Why do I feel more connected to Moses and the pilgrims he lead across the desert than I do those pilgrims who sailed across the sea? You know the very ones who are my forefathers and mothers? After all they are my relatives!”

My mother has spent lots of time looking into her past studying our family tree -those brave people who came to this “new world” sacrificing their own lives and laying down foundations for my life.

And I wonder… “What sort of foundations am I laying down for future generations?”
What sacrifices have I made for others?

God gives me a bit of grace when I am reminded that each move had its sacrifice and each move kept old traditions or laid down new traditions. Either way memories were made that strengthened and taught our family lessons we could each use for the future.

During the month of November as I prepare for Thanksgiving I am going to be thinking about my forefather pilgrims for whom I am very thankful.
They made a huge move that allowed me to live in the greatest nation in the world. Their move made it possible for me to freely learn all I know about the mighty God I know. Their move opened doors for free education for all. And their move set up an experiment in government that brought seekers of refuge to a place of future hope where dreams so often come true.

I’m asking God to show me His dream for my life and meanwhile I strive to



B His Girl said...

I have been absent here. Without your name on the main speaker list on P31, I tend to lose you in the shuffle. Sorry.

Love this post. I relate to Moses a lot also and their journey. We all have much in common with them.
Have a great day Van!