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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Favorite places

Do you ever find yourself back in one of your favorite places? It has been a year or two and you return to a cabin, the beach, a museum, a special city only to wonder- "How is it that time has flown. ONly yesterday I left and now I have returned? Only yesterday I grieved having to leave and now I have been granted the gift of more time in this place."

Right now I find myself in one of those favorite places- a lake in Missouri- a place where my family spent summer vacations throughout my teens, a place where I brought my boys every year of their lives before they grew up and left home, a place of peace and nurture.

As we move through life we can go forward knowing that just because we leave a place it doesn't mean we will never return.

I think of the Hebrew people who every year made pilgrimages to Jerusalem. They anticipated and prepared for the trip which brought them to the temple where they met with God, made their sacrifices, and returned to life renewed.

I used to grieve and mourn leaving my favorite places and moving to new locations. I used to-- I no longer allow leaving to take me down, because I have learned that my God and Father in His loving kindness takes me back -- to remember, renew, and lift.
Tell me about yoru favorite places and



Julie Coleman said...

One of my most favorite places in the world is Camp Berea, in New Hampshire. Much of my spiritual growth in my younger years occurred there, as well as leadership training. I get back from time to time, but have realized that more than the beauty of the place, it is the people there that meant so much to me. The work there goes on-- God continues to use the place for His glory. But the investment people made in me is what I treasure the most.

Cynthia Lott Vogel said...

Hi Julie,
I have friends, Esther and David Scamen who make the annual family pilgrimage to Camp Berea also...would be strange if you knew them too! Small world.

You are in my thoughts and prayers...I'm home now from the hospital...for the details of what's been going on you can look at my blog: www.cynthialottvogel.blogspot.com

Waleska said...
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Waleska said...

You just touch my heart. My favorite place is Puerto Rico and Florida. I grew up in San Juan, PR and the mountain, beach, shells, food and my entire family I miss. Visiting Puerto Rico is something we can not do much, airfare is too expensive. But I have pictures and memories. My Mom calls me almost everyday, so I do get to talked with my sister, brother, nephews. Florida is where my and the children moved when my husband died and where I meet my husband James. Ministry took us to Springfield, MO and my in-laws are in Florida. Love the ocean breeze, sometimes I close my eyes and remember. But I remember the most, the Promise I made to my Lord, to follow Him anywhere He send my husband and I.

Soaring Eagle said...

When I was in the military about 25 years ago, I was stationed in Japan for 2 years. I truly loved the cherry blossom time at Kamakura (spelling?). Right now, I have lived in Iowa for 20 years or so and I tell you right here in Cedar Rapids, it is beautiufl all year around (except for the 2008 flood). We have the seasons, we have the colors - yes, we have the very cold winters...even that has such beauty. I am blessed that I have been able to live here. The military life was good; I saw many beautiufl places - but the civilian world, being in Iowa, married to a godly man - nothing beats it!