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Sunday, August 1, 2010

I've been moved!

Whew! Sitting on my big chair under the fan in the family room is just what I want to be doing right now. Why?

I am happily exhausted.

She Speaks, Proverbs 31 Ministries' anual conference has once again fisnished strong- really strong.

These are some highlights:

I met an amazing group of speakers in my eval group. They are courageous women with incredibly moving stories, tales full of hard struggles and challenging experiences. Honestly I canot even imagine getting back up on my feet as some of the women in my eval group have managed to do. God bless each one of you as you allowed our Father to lift you out of the mirey clay and set you on the Solid Rock. You go girls.

Cheers to Monica, Deedy, Carrie, Lotte, Linda, Sandy, Mary Kathryn,
Laura, Erin, Tonya, and Heatherly. You ladies shine!

I also met wonderful ladies everywhere I walked as I moved from one breakout session to another, as I sat to eat a meal, as I rode the elevator.

Let me share two examples:

I met Erica who sat across the table from me on Friday. She was actually in Bogota, Colombia, South America at the same time I was in 964! Can you believe it??? Jessica if you make it to my blog like I challenged you to over prayer I hope you will leave a comment.

I also met Rachel an amazing young woman who had just returned from Afghanistan where she had lived for 10 years. She answered all our probing questions. It seems we hunger to understand the middle eastern culture. She explained the veil and the wearing of scarves, men's roles, women's roles, her life and purpose in Afghanistan, and she showed us how to wear the scarf in its varoius fashions. God has quietly called His people to places all over the world so his news of salvation might be spread.

I heard some pretty exciting, inspiriing, and overwhelming messages from Lysa Terkeurst, Karen Ehman, and Angela Thomas. WOW! They challenged me to reach big for God sized blessings, to remember my first love and become a woman immersed in God's Word- to memorize scripture. Thank you ladies- for challenging me to a higher spiritual place- not only close to God, but closer to Him.

Oh! and to crown the weekend with the best icing of all- an editor wants to see my book proposal- YES- again!!! Yikes. Here we go... I don't know whether to be excited or just accept the fact that I may need to prepare myself for another rejection-- but before they reject me this time I am getting an editor to help me work it over. Any way I am so excited that someone thinks my idea is a good one.

Here's to all of you who attended She Speaks. I hope you were as moved as I!

Won't you tell me about your experience and as you do remember to



pinkdaisyjane said...

Praying as you prepare your book proposal! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Van, you were such an encouragement and a blessing. Thank you for your faithfulness to our Savior! I just got home and am heading to bed. It's been calling my name since I walked in the door.
God Bless!! Deedy Tripp

T said...

Oh, Van, how exciting. I will certainly be praying during the process. Keep us posted.

We got home about an hour ago. A very uneventful trip, which means it was a good one. Thank God Shark Week is on - that means Axl is content to crawl up with us for an hour and simply veg out before bed.

She Speaks was amazing. I left feeling encouraged, excited, and exhausted. Thank you so much for your support.

Carrie Turansky said...

I just made it home a little after 11:00 pm tonight. Our flight was delayed about two hours. Then when we arrived we couldn't contact the parking shuttle people by phone. When the shuttle finally came, my friend traveling with me realized she'd left her wallet on the plane. We picked up our car and drove back to the airport to see if she could find it. Nope. Then we got confused driving off and looking for the NJ turnpike and had to go around a few times in Newark - very busy and confusing. So....it was not your usual trip, but we had such a great weekend we were ready for the challenges.

Thanks for your encouragement this weekend, Van. That's great news about your appointment. I also had a positive appointment and request for a proposal for a new series of novels.

I enjoyed meeting everyone! I will look forward to staying in touch.

Carrie - who is very happy to finally be home. : )

Waleska said...

I am excited about your book proposal, yiippii!!! Also, to hear your stories about She Speaks gets me more excited to attend next year. I will be praying for you. Thank you for such an encouragement. God Bless!!!

Judith said...

I will be praying for you, your book proposal that you mith shine.

Judith said...

I will be praying for you, your book proposal that you mith shine.