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Monday, August 23, 2010

Moving Mondays

A new friend

I'm not moving, but I just met someone who has recently moved into my neighborhood.

This is just one fun story about the adventures of the moving tribe- those of us on the move, how God connects us, when we obey His call, and how we network: 
Years ago I met a lady in my neighborhood who had just moved to town. We met at a ladies' luncheon and became fast friends. She used the move to reconfigure her life. She decided to move from being a working outside the home mom to becoming a stay at home mom. She joined PTA, a Bible study, and a church. Oh the adventures she had as she brought her sons to Sunday School and her husband to church.

Then we all moved. They moved to one city and we to another. From time to time we have visited each other or met back in the town where we once lived.

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from my friend's husband. It seems a young lady who had worked with him has now moved to my town. He remembered how meeting a neighbor had helped his wife with her transition. So... he asked if I would reach out to his former co-worker.

Of course. My favorite thing to do is to meet new people.
So I called and we decided to meet at a coffee shop. Oh what a delight this young lady is. We chatted about children, schools, work, hunting for houses, transitioning into new towns and neighborhoods, and practicing faith. I found out we come from extremely different faith backgrounds. I am a Christian. She is a Muslim.

Talk about moving! Where will this budding frienship go?

I certainly don't know, but whatever happens I hope to



B His Girl said...

Sounds like a set up to shine for Jesus! B

Julie Coleman said...

Lucky girl to have a new friend like you in her life.