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Monday, October 4, 2010

Movin' on Mondays

Finally, this summer, I got around to watching the movie Evan Almighty.

I enjoyed the back and forth play from the Biblical story of the flood to a contemporary version.

I also remember comparing a recent move to Noah's move and the drama that surrounds a move.

If you have ever seen Evan Almighty you know there was drama in the show. Familiy members, neighbors, coworkers all believed Evan had fallen off his rocker when he began to build that big ole boat.

Nothing but ridicule.

Can you imagine the real people in the real story?

I have actually felt that ridicule, from well meaning people, and it increased with each move our family made.

You're moving again?

Can't you just stay in town and find a stable job?

Just put your foot down. Don't go!

Can you just explain, why do you move so much?

I can hear Mrs. Noah's neighbors and friends asking the same sort of questions:

He's doing what?


You're sure God told him to build an ark?

Why don't you give him an ultimatum. Tell him to stop all that foolishness.

There is a large population of our society that has never moved. They don't understand the mentality of a corporate world that relocates its workers to improve productivity, to change worn out practices, to renovate the work force.

God called Noah to move for all the same reasons the corporate world today moves its workers. The human race had become wicked. God wiped out an entire generation of people so the next generation could begin anew and improve productivity, especially where humans' obedience to God was concerned.

God also wanted change. Changed hearts, changed activities, changed lives.

God renovated the world with the flood.

I believe God uses moves in my life to improve me. Moves get me out of ruts, allowing me to change and be renewed.

Moves are hard, but they are not bad. Are you moving? Try to see the move from God's perspective and then ask Him to let your light



B His Girl said...

I like reading your Movin' posts. Such wisdom in them. I have not watched Evan Almighty but I can relate to believing something others cannot imagine ever happening. I shared my dream with someone today. God will prove faithful in His words to me. Keep shining Van. B