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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's on Your Coffee Table? Wednesdays

Decorating with a purpose.

I don't want to forget what I learned this week while reading about Joshua and Caleb, the battle of Jericho, praying, boldly asking and God.

Not only have I been reading my Bible but I have been looking at images on the web and pictures in books stored in shelves around my house. One of my favorites is this one:

Some view the Bible as a historical book, a religious tome, a collection of fascinating stories to be read in Sunday school...

While I read it for all those reasons, I also read to apply what I have learned to my own life.

Once I reached the middle chapters of the book a new character emerged - Caleb. About this same time is when all the tribes of Israel are receiving their inheritance- the land God has set aside for each group of families that has been wandering in the desert and fighting battles for decades.

Most tribes wait thier turn.

Not Caleb. He takes matters into his own hands. He makes the trip to Gilead, approaches Joshua and asks for Hebron - that's the name of a city. He asks for an entire city!

This strikes me as a bold move. Audacious. Who is he to break in line while thousands of others wait to hear the reading of the will, to gain their inheritance?

Not only did he break in line he asked for a certain track of land!

Guess what?

Joshua agreed and gave it to him.


Caleb had fully followed the Lord his God. One version of this story says Caleb followed God wholeheartedly. That is why his request was answered.

I stopped in my tracks and reread Joshua 14:14.

I'm sort of like Caleb. There is a piece of property I want- it is someone's life -  turned toward God. It is a healed heart and body.

My prayers have not ceased for years concerning this matter.

This week my prayers will change. In addition to my prayers I will search my heart to make sure I am fully following my Lord and God.

Got prayers? Follow God wholeheartedly. Then ask again- boldly!

Oh and what's on my coffee table? My book - open to the picture of the battle of Jericho.

I expect that one day my bold prayers for victory in the life of a loved one will be answered. I have placed that book on my coffee table, not only because it is an interesting picture book, but as a reminder- to follow God wholeheartedly, to pray boldly, and to



Julie Coleman said...

Scripture is pretty clear that God will reward our faithfulness to Him. It's also clear that His blessings will not be dictated by how well we are performing; Ephesians 1:8 speaks of grace (undeserved merit) being "lavished on us." I'm pretty sure you do not intend to imply that God will only answer our prayer requests when we are meeting some kind of standard. He works on our behalf-- whether we like what He is doing or not-- because He is good and loves us with a perfect love.

I know where your heart is--and may we all be at the place where loving God with all of our hearts is our highest goal. Thanks for the encouragement, friend!!

Marybeth said...

I love this post-- and this feature! The pictures of your coffee table make me feel like I am sitting down with you. Love it!!

Cynthia said...

hi Van,
I'm afraid I have to hang with Julie on this one.,...This verse came to my mind in this regard:

Heb. 4:16
Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Grace and mercy are not earned.
We can ask boldly based on who God is; not based on what we've done.

But I too, understand what you are saying. God is not a stooge whom we can manipulate into granting our requests while we blithely go and do as we please.

Somehow there is a fine balance between obedience and grace. It is impossible to please God with our good behavior...because even our best efforts are tainted with our sin and failures...ENTER GRACE.

God looks at Jesus in us redeeming all of our best intentions and failures and He is eager to meet the requests of His beloved Son and daughter.

It is based on Jesus that we have boldness to act and ask. Not based on us or what we can do.

It was wonderful to hear from you on my blog this week. I've missed you my friend,...but haven't ceased in praying for you and your family.