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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who am I?

Throughout the entire conference ( Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks annual event for women called to speak, write, lead) I found myself asking…

“Who am I ~ that I’ve been so blessed to sit in the gorgeous conference center listening to such powerful teaching?”

“Who am I to sit at this abundant  table, eating this amazing meal, surrounded by these lovely ladies?”

“Who am I, I mean I don’t deserve this, to return to my posh hotel room and crawl into this cloud of a bed?”

“Who am I that God would paint a picture outside my window, call me to sit for a quiet moment with Him and then speak directly to me through His Word?” (scroll down to see the picture God painted for me)

Who am I?

That the God of the universe would shower His love on me

Who am I?

If you want to know yourself, become acquainted with your Creator, the one who formed and fashioned you as you grew inside your mother’s womb, the one who knew you before you were born. 

I walked into the prayer room during the conference, found my name, and took a few little notes about the name of God where my name had been placed.

                                             Jehovah Mekaddishken 

This morning I became more deeply acquainted with God, growing more confident in who I am meant to be, how I’m designed to act, behave, react. 

Before taking  notes on the different Bible verses that describe God’s character I wrote,
”Having been created in God’s image- filled with the breath of God, I understand and believe that He has placed His attributes in me!” 

              You know- like my parents’ DNA all over who I am and what I look like. 

Who am I?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing thought. 

But true, if I BELIEVE God’s Word.

When I found my name in the prayer room, placed on the name of God- Jehovah Mekadishken, my heart lept. I knew I was about to embark on another spiritual journey, one that would draw me closer to Him, one that would give me courage to continue maneuvering through life’s long trails. 
This morning I read the many verses that address God’s holiness. Doing so gave me a deeper insight to Who God is and confirmed in my heart – 

Who I am---

Sanctified, set apart, chosen, Holy to God, member of a royal priesthood, one who has been cleansed…

Today I know who I am, I just have to live it out.   



BelovedBomber said...

What a beautiful post Van! It's Shana. It is so easy to read who I am in the Bible...but believing who I am is the challenge. Thanks for a great word!

Anonymous said...

I Love it, Van! My spirit is lifted from reading this post. It's good to know who you are in Christ Jesus and where you stand in the Kingdom of God. Thank you for sharing.