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My favorite smell: The way the earth smells after it rains.

My favorite sound: The first notes of a grand symphony.

My favorite way to relax: Sitting anywhere outside - on my front porch, on my deck, or by the lake, early in the morning with my first cup of coffee.

My favorite birthday dessert: a Peach cobbler baked by my husband. He’s my fave chef!

I will not eat: Avocado. They turn my stomach into a volcano that never erupts.

Technology I couldn't live without and why: My laptop - it takes me anywhere I want to go.

One thing that makes me smile: My sons' faces!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Is 41 years a long time?

                       Congratulations to us! 
 Yes 41 years is a long time - but worth the work and time. We have built many memories, I don't knwo where to begin. Just want to say- stick with your man. There is no one else like him. He still has the same qualities that made him attractive when you first met. ...and  when tempted to focus on  weaknesses remember his strengths. That is what makes him the man you love!  Today marks the beginning of another couple of decades together! 


judith said...

Congratulations to both of you!!