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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My surfing soul

While sitting on the beach, enjoying the sunrise, a surfer’s routine inspired me. 

He floated onto a sunbeam where he turned his face toward the sun. Actually he focused on the incoming waves, waiting to catch the perfect swell. 

His activity captured my morning meditations. 

I had arrived on the beach to worship God, to sit still, and learn from his majestic nature.   

I enjoy a sunrise because it reminds me to turn my gaze toward the Son at the beginning of each day.            I wait, wondering what message God has for me.. 

This day, it was the surfer whose life on the surf caught my attention and spoke to me. 

He paddled onto the sun beam where he stopped for a moment. As I pondering his position I thought of my own pose- intentionally stopping at the beginning of my day to get my bearings. Was this what the surfer had in mind- getting his bearings? 

Then, at the right moment, he turned his surfboard and began paddling. He paddled with the waves, making the swells and curls of the wave work with him, instead of against him. What appeared to me to be massive threats and challenges, the surfer turned into paths upon which to enjoy his day. 

I wondered, “What if every day each one of us ‘paddled’ out to meet Jesus and stood in the brilliance of His presence for just a few moments. Then, when we were forced to meet life head on and take on the challenges and threats—what if we stood up confidently, and confronted our obstacles,  turning them into pathways toward joy rather than allowing them to become avenues toward grief, distress, and disaster.

I looked at the powerful waves. I heard their thunderous crash against the shore and watched as sand, shells, and life churned to the surface. Waves pack powerful energy with enough force to destroy, demolish, and devastate.  Yet this surfer showed no hesitation as he faced the dominating force on the beach. 
He took control of the potential destroyer, stood up with confidence, and “walked” on water. 

The surfer mesmerized me as, time and time again, he paddled out to the sun’s rays cast on the surface of the ocean, sat a while, contemplated his surroundings, joined the challenge, and rode the waves into land. 

Freedom from fear! Joy in the journey. That is what I observed. 

Do I want to live in freedom filled with joy each day? Of course I do. Do I want to conquer and use each day’s forces in my favor. Yes! Is it possible? I now believe so – without a doubt.


1-Position myself each morning in God’s light. 

2-Wait for the opportune moment.

3-When the challenge arrives, as it surely will, join it and make it work for me, rather than against me.

4-With God at my back, stand tall. 

(I can do this because as I positioned myself earlier He frilled me with the perfect amount of strength, courage, and wisdom to stand up to any challenge.) 

5-The ride of a lifetime begins as I take authority in Jesus’ name over my obstacles. 

Suddenly, although I am sitting on the beach,

                        My soul surfs! 


Stacey said...

Great analogy! I love it when the Lord speaks in those moments!

Julie Coleman said...

I was studying Romans 8 just this morning! "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose..." We can ride the waves because the victory has already been achieved. Not by anything we do, but by what he has already accomplished. We'll experience hardship (see Romans 8:35-36) but will overwhelmingly conquer those circumstances. Awesome text. Awesome analogy. Riding the waves, secure on the surf board he has provided! Warm wishes for a great school year, my friend!