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Thursday, August 2, 2007


I have had an amazing week. This week I was the main deal at a summer day camp! That's right. I have been the visiting author at Young Author's Camp. We began the week reading the very short story about The Wise Man and the Foolish Man. There are other titles to this story:A Firm Foundation and Two Kinds of People. The children were amazed when I finished the story within three minutes! "The End," I said.

What we all learned though, was that there is so much to this story found in the Bible. We talked about the two characters and their choices. We discussed sequence and how decisions lead us down many paths. We even discussed symbols and learned that God is a rock upon whom we want to build our lives. If we are obedient to His laws and commands we are blessed by Him.

I used this story to teach all the parts of a book and to illustrate how a book is written. Then my little charges went to work on their own books. They chose a topic, titled it, designed their covers and went to work writing.

The week also included story time. I read my book to them. The young lady who illustrated my book for me joined us so she could show her original drawings. The kids were enthralled with the entire process. They wanted to know, "What is your favorite color when you are drawing?" Isn't that a great question? They asked, "how long did it take you to draw all those pictures?" They understood the perseverance it takes to start and complete a project when she answered, "about four months." Wow that is a long time," some replied.

The children all related to the story I read about the little dog who wandered away while following a frog. They understood his feelings of fear and loneliness as he sat in the animal shelter because the curious distraction had separated him from his family. Later, while we discussed the story, they told me many tales describing times they were lost. I asked them, "Why did you get lost?" One precious five year old said, "We are just so d-attracted by things in the world." Wow - he understands!

Although he meant to say "distracted" he wasn't wrong when he slipped into "attracted." We are attracted by the world. That is our major temptation - the world's attractions. I reminded the young authors that they want to be like the little dog in my story. He was attracted to his master who called him to follow and then took him home.

I pray your desire is to be attracted to only one Master - Jesus. Follow him and you will never be lost!


Micca said...

Van, you have such a gift with children. thank you for your ministry to them! by the way, I LOVE your book, From the Pound to the Palace. It's a must have for every child!