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My favorite smell: The way the earth smells after it rains.

My favorite sound: The first notes of a grand symphony.

My favorite way to relax: Sitting anywhere outside - on my front porch, on my deck, or by the lake, early in the morning with my first cup of coffee.

My favorite birthday dessert: a Peach cobbler baked by my husband. He’s my fave chef!

I will not eat: Avocado. They turn my stomach into a volcano that never erupts.

Technology I couldn't live without and why: My laptop - it takes me anywhere I want to go.

One thing that makes me smile: My sons' faces!

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Friday, November 9, 2007


I woke up this morning with my day all planned. Darkness filled the room until the light switched on. I read a few verses from my Bible, prayed, and checked on my girlfriends – online. Sure enough there were many prayers for the many requests we make of each other and our God. After an hour of writing, I fixed breakfast.

That’s when all my plans went out the window.

I could tell by my friend’s voice – the phone rang at 7:30 – that she was exhausted, maybe very ill, or possibly under stress. Of course she was stressed out – rather freaked out. Her nephew had been shot last night in an armed robbery and at this very moment was in intensive care. Did I mind going with her to talk to the doctors and keep her from fainting in case of the worst case scenario. What a request! She needed me because she doesn’t speak very good English and she certainly wanted to understand exactly what the doctors had found out. So I braced myself and met her at the hospital.

When we steeped into José’s room, he greeted us. In no time his nurse came in to tell us that the bullet had entered one side of his neck and exited the other side. The bullet had not so much as nicked anything in that neck of his. NOTHING! He would be released in a few hours to go home. Up to now, he had received no pain medication. The doctors had not stitched up the points of entry and exit! He would heal nicely. He could return to work on Monday.

He was shot last night through the neck! Here he sat in the hospital bed perfectly fine. I realized then that I was face to face with a miracle. God had saved José for a future day. He still had a duty to perform in his life.

I might plan my day, but God determines what will happen. Right now I am appreciating the moment, because I do not know what my future holds – only God knows.

It may be a jungle out there, but God still performs miracles!