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Tuesday, November 6, 2007



I have always known that TALKING IT OUT is a productive form of therapy. This morning on GMA I heard Dr. Tim Johnson say that stress is a big factor in infertility. One way to reduce stress I to TALK IT OUT. Well – that came as no surprise to me.

The greatest gift I have given myself over the course of my lifetime has been to give myself, not only the gift of girlfriends, but the gift of quality time.

I regularly:
Check on my friends via e-mail and the phone.
Meet them to share meaningful conversation over coffee a meal, a brisk walk or workout.
Go on retreats to the mountains or the beach.
Take trips with a group of friends.

Conversations include:
The good, bad, and ugly experiences we are having.
Good listening.
Encouraging words.
Lots of laughter and tears.
Wise words based on Biblical principles.

Forbidden in conversations:
Shaming or blaming words.
Judgmental attitudes.

Got stress in your life? Call a friend, talk it out!

I would love to hear from you. What causes your stress? Do you take time to talk out the challenges you regularly face? If there were one thing about your life you could eliminate, what would it be?


Shanda said...

Exactly what I am facing right now. Family stress and preparing for the holiday season. I take on the problems of everyone around me and I don't always know how to manage it in a healthy way. I'm learning how to set boundaries for myself, but I don't like doing it yet! As i benefit from the boundaries I'm sure I will get better,but for now it is pretty tough. I am the family peace maker so I hear every side of every story there is and I try desperately to make sure no one is being misrepresented or left out in conversation. Why do we justify gossip by calling it venting? I understand needing to talk it out but there is definitely a healthy and safe way to do it and a damaging way and I am trying with every bit of grace and gentleness to get that across to my circle of girls. In the meantime, I do have a safe haven in my older sister who keeps me accountable, encourages me and prays with me. I will forward your blog to her. She will love it! Thanks Van!