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Friday, November 23, 2007


On Tuesday I spoke to a wonderful group of mothers at Jamestown United Methodist Chruch MOPS group. My topic revolved around “The Purpose.”

I shared with the ladies how planning for the holidays can be a spent in constant chaos and perpetual planning that leads to exhaustion. We agreed that we suffer emotionally and spiritually when we take on too much. I asked the question. What is the purpose?

What is the purpose for slaving in the kitchen to create dozens upon dozens of delicately decorated cookies?
What is the purpose for a perfectly lit Christmas tree?
What is the purpose for long and exhausting shopping sprees that put us into debt?
What is the purpose for a mountain of toys?
What is the purpose for the party?

Over the next several days I am going to share with you what I learned was the purpose for the party.

Jesus POINTS to our hearts. “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and (s)he with me. Revelation 3:20
My first step in preparing for the holidays is an act of hospitality. I hang a wreath on my front door. Everything about that wreath points to Jesus.

The wreath is ROUND, with no beginning and no end. God has no beginning, no end. His love for me is everlasting.

The wreath is decorated with red berries symbolizing Christ’s shed blood for me. A white bow reminds all who enter into my home that Jesus offers the gift of salvation purifying all who would ask Him for a new life. Stars strategically placed around the wreath signify the Light that Jesus shines on the path leading us in paths of good choices.

Children enjoy participating in the Christmas decorating so why no allow them to make their own decorations. Children can make their own wreaths to hand on the doors to their bedrooms. From time to time you can remind them that Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Ask your children. “Have you invited Jesus to come into your life?”

Wreaths your children can make for themselves or as gifts for grandparents:
Color a wreath on a piece of paper. Cut it out and tape it to the bedroom door. (Clip art on the internet is a good resource for crafts with children.) Decorate that same wreath with a collection of photos, cut out hand prints, or glue and glitter.

Create a wreath from foam pieces purchased at a craft store.
Purchase a piece of green foam that is shaped in a circle. In the floral section of the craft store let your children choose small pieces they can ‘punch’ into the foam to create a wreath.

As you enter and exit their rooms remind them of the wreath and its significance. Especially encourage them to develop a relationship with Jesus who came to earth as a baby so He could have access to our hearts.

Plan a little gathering. Invite a few friends or immediate neighbors to your house. You do not have to be fancy. Serve popcorn decorated with Christmas M & M’s and hot chocolate.

Developing relationships with people is almost as important as developing your relationship with Jesus.