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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Back to "The Purpose for the Party"

Several days ago I bunny hopped right off the trail. Not unusual for me. I just had to share my experience with the children at Lake Norman Christian Ministries Preschool (Dec.3) and then I had to let you know about Lysa's GREAT CHRISTMAS GIVE AWAY. Click the icon to sign up for a fun Christmas happy.

Now I want to get back on track and continue talking about the
purpose for the party
. Just to review:
Jesus Points to my heart
He Uncovers my sins
and Raises my status
Jesus Provides my strength
As I think about Christmas and what I would like to give my family I remember that I am a homemaker. Although I have worked outside my home as a teacher, a recreation director, a translator, a sound engineer... I am always a homemaker. I am responsible for making my home a haven for my family. Every year, as the days grow shorter I am reminded that the world is a dark place. I want my home to be a place of light, freedom, safety, comfort, and peace. I want my family and friends to walk through my door and experience heaven - just a little piece of heaven.

Jesus birth was a way of Offering sanctuary to those who choose to go to Him for shelter and protection. He is the Prince of Peace, a safe Refuge, and a mighty Fortress. I want to learn from Jesus so I can offer the same to my family.

One way my children feel peace in their home is to experience time-honored traditions they can depend upon. Traditions give a child stability. Children look to traditions to assure them that little has changed. The world may not always be fair and reliable, but at home my children know to count on certain things.

One tradition we have is that I buy a children's Christmas book every year. My older son is 27 so we now have somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 Christmas books. I use these books to decorated. I stack them on the coffee table and place a poinsettia on top of the stack. I open the picture books to nativity scenes and place a candle beside to cast a soft light on the reason for the season. My favorite Christmas book is the great big huge family Bible. I open it to pictures drawn by the great masters of art and place it on a table in the living room. It reminds me to gather my children around me and page through the massive book. To them it represents importance. It is heavy and impressive. I want them to respect God's Word. I believe a great big family Bible is a wonderful visual for a child.

What are your traditions? Why not share them with the readers of my blog.

Here are some ideas for traditions:

* Purchase a large family Bible. Make sure it has sections of pictures that depict a variety of events in the Old and New Testament. Close the Bible and then ask a child to find - Adam and Eve in the Garden, Moses and the Ten Commandments, Mary talking with the Angel. Then take some time to sit and talk about each picture.

* Using your computer and clip art create a series of pictures that depict the nativity story. Cut out each picture. Give the pictures to your children and ask them to arrange the pictures into the Christmas story. As you point to each picture ask questions about what is taking place. Find a Bible verse for each picture and begin to memorize the story of Jesus' birth.

* On slips of paper write questions about Christmas and put them in a jar. Here are some ideas:
Why do we decorate our house with lights?
What is so important about the star?
How did Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem?
Where did they stay when they were traveling?
During dinner ask each family member to choose one question. During dinner discuss the answers to the questions. You might want to record the answers or remember to write them down. Reading them in later years when your children are older is a great form of entertainment.

* Speaking of entertainment, be sure to teach Christmas songs and have your children perform for you. That is a great confidence builder.

Speaking of confidence. The greatest place to find confidence is in the sanctuary Jesus offers. He is our sanctuary.

Wishing you Tidings of Comfort and Joy!


Digging for Pearls said...

Hi Van! Christmas is always my favorite time of year. We have a variety of traditions each year. One of our most recent ones is going to a tree farm together to find the "perfect tree". Then my husband and two sons take turns cutting it down and hauling it back to the car. Then we will spend the evening decorating it together. I lay out all the ornaments and we each pick one, and pose for a photo as we hang it on the tree. Every year I write down what was our favorite pick for that year.

Anonymous said...

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Laura said...

You are such an inspiration! Thank you for your suggestions. One of our family traditions is to get out all of our Christmas books. Each night, my two boys take turns picking one to read for that evening. It really makes each story special, and they enjoy it very much. We also do a Christmas devotion together every night. My church provides a seasonal devotional every year that we always look forward to.
Merry Merry!