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One thing that makes me smile: My sons' faces!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


No kidding - I am nowhere near a tropical beach, but this morning I put on my flip flops! It is December 12th and I had to pull out summer clothes. We are expecting record breaking temperatures again - not winter lows - but winter highs! Now in the Spring when we have several near 80 degree days it is a sign that the water temp in pools is almost bearable. What I would do to hop into a pool! Yesterday I actually sat on my deck in my favorite lounge chair and stuck my toes, feet, and legs into the sun! I'm wearing flip flops and sunbathing in December and I am NOT on vacation. Oh no! Definiatly NOT vacationing right now - nor is anyone. We are preparing for the holidays - aren't we?

This is on my to do list:

*Run to store to pick up the chicken I don't have because I underestimated earlier in the week when I did my shopping.

*Get back home and make the chicken enchiladas
(I'm making chicken enchiladas for my friend and neighbor whose soccer playing husband is in Africa on a mission trip. This is a way I can support the family. Betty's boys love Mexican food so I am making up this dish then taking it over to play with 3 little boys while she runs out with her baby girl.)
THIS IS MY IDEA OF CHRISTMAS SHOPPING - Don't have to go the the mall. Get to play with children. What an incredible trade off! I gift my friend with time and she gifts me with a gift of sheer pleasure.

*While I am out I have to pick up some fingernail polish remover (When I put on my flip flops I glanced at my toes. YIKES! I still have on a bit of left over summer nail polish residue. TACKY. Gotta get that OFF and put on some new fresh.)

*Finish stuffing the stocking that I will be giving away through Lysa's Great Christmas Giveaway - if you have not entered the drawing, I suggest you do so. I am giving away a stocking stuffed with fun Christmas ideas - activities my children and I used to do as we prepared for Christmas. I am also including my children's DVD FROM THE POUND TO THE PALACE.

*Think about, make a list, and return to the store - probably tomorrow- to pick up all of Benjamin's - he is my younger son who will be home from college on Friday!!!! CAN'T WAIT to see him- to pick up his fave foods and snacks.

*Get ready for him to come home!! Yipee. I know he too will want Chicken Enchiladas so I am making a double portion. He will want TRASH - that is what our family calls the home made chex party mix. He also told me that he has been introduced to - and then he proceeded to describe to me "corn and rice chex, covered with chocolate, diped in powdered sugar, mixed with M n M's.." I googled it and found out what he wanted was PUPPY CHOW. Anyone have a good recepie? Otherwise I am going to try one of the ones I found on line and hope it is as good as his roommate's mother's. I know - why don't I ask her. He doesn't know which roommate and he doesn't want me communicating with her. You know - moms - Nothing good comes from moms when they come together! Of course he'll want a a steak, white chile, and ziti. I think I will impress him by putting his favorite Guacamole dip on the family's big red YOU ARE SPECIAL plate. After all - he will have just completed finals and the first semester of his sophomore year.

*uh - anything else... oh yes -

*Order a ham and cheesecake and have it sent to my sister-in-law.
Don't forget to enter the Great Christmas Giveaway!

*oh yeah - paint my toe nails

Have a Merry Flip Flop Day


Digging for Pearls said...

Today in PA the temperatures are in the 50's, and ice is forecasted for tomorrow. Then a snow storm is predicted to come this weekend. The joy of living up north! :) Have a great time with your son!

Dawn T. said...

Hi Van; Merry Winter/Spring to you too! This is my first visit to your blog and you have made me feel welcome and part of 'the family'. What a gift of hospitality. Yeah God! My children are 9 and 5 are extremely active, so this warm weather has been a bit of a blessing! I look forward to fresh ideas for 'together times'. Thank you Lord for my new friend!
Love, Dawn T.