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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Sitting in the row in front of me were five police officers!

Last week I attended a day-long training on Domestic Violence. I was asked to participate and become acquainted with the issues facing our community and then turn that experience into a presentation to raise awareness.

I sat throughout the day for six hours listening to statistics my mind and heart rejected, watching real life video of activities that should never exist, eavesdropping on conversations that ripped my heart into pieces, and listening to 911 calls that brought out the beast in me.

During the training my awareness was raised alright! Did you know that in some households a 6 year old girl is the most responsible person in the family?

On the other hand I was introduced to groups of people who advocate for helpless victims, victims whose one place where they should be able to find peace and rest is the most violent place in their lives. I heard from social workers who told of resources the community offers mothers and children, and sometimes men. In our community there are ministries that give counseling assistance and pastors who offer hope and refuge.

The one question we all ask when we hear about DV is “Why do they stay?” They have no where to go! I learned that Turning Point of Union County is changing that dilemma Not only have they developed a shelter but long-term housing and job training is offered.

None of this is possible without community awareness.

That is why I participated. Maybe I can help by sharing what I learned with organizations throughout the county, raising awareness that will become a helping hand leading to transforming the life of a woman or child.

Although I hated what I learned last week, my heart swelled with gratification for our civil servants who sacrifice each day so others may find a piece of hope in this life.

When I arrived most seats were taken so I made my way to the back row where I found an empty chair and sat down. Looking up I gasped, “Never have I felt so safe. I will never be as protected as I am right now!”

Sitting in the row in front of me were five police officers! I spent the day observing them and the admiration I already had only swelled.

They are the ones who respond to the 911 calls. They step into violent situations and break up the fights. They carry frightened children from violent scenes and take them to unfamiliar locations in the dark of night. They protect the heartbroken, battered, and desperate victim. Who wants to face that kind of work every day?

As I sat in the conference room hearing about a very bad problem in our community I was comforted by a very good force in my neighborhood – the POLICE. I thought, “ I take them for granted. I expect that they wake up each day to do their duty.” I wondered, “What if we had no one to keep order, no one who would make this huge sacrifice so I might live in peace and safety?”

So Chris, Robert, the rest of you, I want to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for going into the dark places and facing the bad guys. Thank you for making difficult decisions that put people in prison so the rest of the community can live freely Thank you for doing the very hard work so I can arrive at my work safely. Thank you for standing up for the innocent and protecting the helpless. Thank you for working the night shift so I can sleep in peace. Thank you for cruising my neighborhood so my children can run and play. And, yes, I even want to even thank you for sitting along side the road, checking my speed, reminding me to drive safely. Thank you.

Jesus said, "..when you were doing it for one of the least of these you were doing it for me. " Matthew 25:40


Laura said...

Hello, Dear Van, and Happy Valentine's Day. It seems ironic that your post on Domestic Violence should come on this day. It is a sad reality that this tragedy occurs to ones who are supposed to be loved and cherished by the perpetrator. Thank you for giving your time to raise the awareness of this issue. Today, I say a prayer for all of those affected by this terrible thing, including those who step in to intervene and stand up for those who, for whatever reason, cannot.

MrsProverbs31 said...

Sometimes I wanted to learn and help my community. Sometimes, I just want to hide my face from it all.

Come on over to my blog. I have something you might like.

MrsProverbs31 said...

Yes, I would love this retreat of sharing personal testimonies. It would be wonderful.