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Thursday, February 21, 2008


On Thursdays I play Mary Poppins – maybe I should say – Maria Popins – with an accent on the second syllable of Popins.


Since I am bilingual – speaking both English and Spanish, my friend who is married to a Cuban American has hired me to play in Spanish with her three grandchildren and her daughter-in-law. It was a Christmas gift to the grandchildren so they would not forget their heritage. What my friend doesn’t realize is that is has been the greatest gift to me ever.

I am an empty nester. I do not live near family. I am in my late 50’s and have no grandchildren. Getting to go play with two little boys and their 4 year old big sister is the highlight of my week!

I decided I am Maria Popins today when, for the second time, I arrived and they wanted to know if I had brought my umbrella. “No.” I said.
“You might need it. It is going to rain! Va a llover.” They pointed to the gathering clouds. Sure enough by the time play Spanish was over, big drops were falling.
Anyway – today we sat on the floor with a truck, a car, a fisher price school bus, and a ball. Everyone – including their mother and grandmother had learned the vocabulary. Now we had our legs spread open and we were rolling balls, trucks, cars, and busses back and forth, saying in Spanish, “Yo quiero el bus.” I want the bus. The bus would roll across the floor. “Aqui viene el carro.” Here comes the car. All of a sudden little brother pushed the rather large school bus toward his sister.
“Bang!” It crashed into her knee, not bumped – crashed.
I knew it hurt. She jumped into her mother’s arms and cried. Real drama followed until little brother kissed her. Now she was not sure she wanted to play any more.
She changed her mind when I asked her to sit close to me. “I’ll protect you. I won’t let the bus crash into you ever again.” She was reluctant as we returned to our play.
“Aqui viene el bus.”
“Here comes the bus, little brother announced.”

A savvy little girl flinched and drew into me. I put my hands out to catch the bus. She turned the bus around and sent it to her brother. Once again he rolled it to her. Again she turned her body into mine and I put my hand out to protect her.
The third time was a charm. This time I could tell by her body language that she had overcome her fear. She seemed confident of what was about to happen. The bus started rolling toward us. Then, just before it reached her, she grabbed my hands and put them in front of her. What a smart little girl!
I wonder when I am going to learn my lessons. I keep flinching and drawing back from the hurts in life. All too well I remember the pain. Not only am I not going to allow myself to return to that experience and subject myself to more of the same, I have written off ever considering the confidence I might develop if I were to attempt to overcome the sting that sent me running from the scene of the moment.
Today I learned that I can make an attempt to return to the scene and face that which has caused me pain in the past. I just need to be ready. When I know the inflictor of sorrow, despair, or confusion is on its way, I just need to reach up and grab God’s hands, put them in front of me, and stand confident. His strong right arm is my protector.
Come to think about it – tomorrow morning while I am talking with God, before I start my day, I am going to reach up and grab his hands. I think I will just place them in front of me before I even start my day. Why wait until the onslaught. Better to be protected before the sun ruses on a new day.
So when next you see me – look for God’s hands in front of me.
King David said, “The Lord is a shield around me, my glory, the lifter of my head.” I guess so – With God as my shield, of couse I can walk confidently – with my head held high!
Try it!


Celly B said...

I love the image of grabbing God's hands and putting them in front of me. I think I'll start this morning out that way! Thanks for sharing this story, Van.

Laura said...

I just keep learning new and wonderful things about you, friend! You give so much of yourself, it is amazing to me. Thank you for inspiring me again this morning!

Kelly said...

This is wonderful, I love thinking about God putting His hands out to protect me....thank you Van for your second nice comment yesterday on my blog, that made my day your kind words! I think that is so awesome you went to the shop and got yarn to make a baby blanket and are sending that and the book to your new mom friend! She will love it! It is true about how wonderful it feels to give and bless others. A co-worker of mine just lost her 12 year old golden retriever this week to cancer and she is devastated...we all chipped in at work to send flowers but I want to do something else for her too, being a fellow dog lover and I am thinking about something not sure what yet!
Many blessings to you my friend!

Melissa said...


You do the coolest things! I love how you really use the gifts God has given you to give right back to Him. How precious that you are Mary Poppins...I mean Maria Popins. I already knew that you were "practically perfect in every way"...hey next time you play in Spanish you'll have to sing Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! Can you say that in Spanish Maria Popins?

Love you! I mean Te Amo:)

***Mariana was my name in my Spanish 3 class.

Digging for Pearls said...

Great post and reminder Van! :)