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Friday, February 29, 2008


Have you ever wondered what it means to be made in God’s image? My Father likes to knit. He knits babies together in their mother’s wombs. I am like my Father. I like to knit things together also. I like to crochet.
I am celebrating because I just finished a project! Finishing projects is not my forte. I start with a bang. I am enthusiastic and excited. First I get a vision of what I want to make or do. I plan a lot in my head. I dream of the outcome until I can no longer stand it. Then I gather my tools around me. My tools have consisted of everything from paint brushes and sewing machines to gardening tools and crochet hooks. Some of my favorite projects have been scrapbooks made for my sons, a shawl crocheted for my grandmother who helped me perfect needle work, and throw pillows for my mother’s living room.

Years ago I gave up crafts because they had an unhealthy hold on me. They consumed my time, keeping me from quality time with my sons and important household chores. My hobbies slowly took over my life and took control of my identity. If I wasn’t crafting I was talking about my latest project. I would find out about a new fad, get excited about it, and put whatever I was doing at the present time aside. The works of my hands had insidiously become my idols!

After one of our many moves my husband opened a box and uncovered my sickness, a disease that never allowed me to finish. There in that box he found too many unfinished projects. As he pulled each partially finished item from the box, he held it up and asked about it. Before you knew it we were rolling on the floor. You cannot imagine the fads of the 70’s and 80’s. I had created a time capsule without knowing it. Although the time capsule provided deep belly laughter, I realized how sick I had become. I pretty much quit cold turkey because I was so disgusted with myself.

But when I learned that my former pastor’s daughter had a baby on the way, I decided to pull out the crochet hook. I have to admit that I had another incentive. I won a lovely scarf from a fellow blogger, Kelly (http://www.blogger.com/profile/05575872158431227773)
and every time I wear it I feel such warmth toward the hands that so lovingly knit it for me. I decided to do the same for a young mom and her baby.

It had been a LONG time since I had crocheted and I enjoyed the serenity of watching the blanket come together. I curled up in the soft colors and row by row delighted in my work.

I thought about the mother who would wrap her baby in this soft blanket. I wondered about the infant girl who would cuddle and feel loved as she snuggled deep into soft pinks, yellows, and greens. I knew the plans I had for this project. I prayed for the wee one whose sense of well being and confidence would develop a bit more each time loving hands wrapped her, promising to protect her all the days of her young life.

One day as I sat in the sunshine, listening to music, and watching the baby blanket take shape, Psalm 139:13 gently floated into my thoughts. “You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

I started a conversation with God. “Did You have a plan and a vision for me when You chose the “yarn” and “threads” that You used to knit me together? Did You have a plan for my life when You decided how wide and long to make me? How did You choose the “colors” You used to make me?” (I went to Michaels. Is there a warehouse in heaven? Smiles.)

Of course I know the answers. God had a plan for me when He first had a vision of me, when He first dreamed of creating me.

Have you ever wondered what God’s plan was for you?

Unfortunately I leaned too late in life about God’s plan for me. Too many years of not knowing myself flowed into my inner being. Try as I might I could not become the person I was meant to be. So, I lived in frustration trying to be someone I could never be. Teachers had tried to shut me up. My dear mother had tried to organize me. My husband had tried to perfect me, all to no avail. All I needed was to submit to a God who had already fashioned me.

Then, one day at a most desperate time in my life, actually within the course of a few years, God allowed circumstances to take place. He put me through a course in anatomy –spiritual and emotional anatomy, a class where I learned that I had a unique personality style, spiritual gifts, and a special love language. All these combined gave me a glimpse of God’s plan for my life.

So now years later I am comfortable with the fact that my love language is the gift of time. I don’t struggle with the fact I spend many hours sitting with a hook and yarn in my lap. My spiritual gift is teaching, so I am confident when I slip in a little lesson here and there. I slipped a book into the blanket when I wrapped it up and prepared it for mailing. (Tish Berg’s http://www.trishberg.com/ RATTLED.) I now know that I am a sanguine - colorful and showy like that blanket I just finished.

And you know what? I continue to learn more about myself. God’s sweet gentle lessons have taught me to be quiet (well some of the time) when I so much would rather speak up and be the center of attention. He has put people in my life who have given me the desire to get organized (because it keeps me on task and saves me time.) And perfection? I will never be perfect – it is just not my goal, but I want to do all things in excellence, so to please God, and my husband, I remember that I want all the works of my head, hands, and heart to glorify Him.

How about you? Have you asked God to show you His plans for your life? Maybe you would have a greater understanding if you knew the components God chose when He knit you together long before anyone even knew you existed.

If you want to learn more about yourself, I recommend these books:


Laura said...

I am so glad that you stopped trying to be someone else. I'm crazy about you just as you are! I regret to say that I have never learned to knit or crochet. The other day at work, as I was walking past the cubicles during the lunch hour, I noticed one of my co-workers crocheting a baby hat. I wondered, grandchild? But she told me that she makes them for the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) just a few floors above our unit. She has made over 100 hats for these babies! She also offered to teach me. Hmmm. Maybe I'll take her up on it.
Hugs, Laura

Celly B said...

What a neat post! I love the image of how God has knitted us together with a great plan in mind.

I like to craft, too, sewing, smocking, crocheting, etc., and I know what you mean about spending too much time with it. I took a hiatus from crafting when my son was born and have only recently took it up again when my daughter put in a request for me to crochet her a "rainbow" blanket. My grandmother taught me to crochet, and I feel a sense of connection that she has a part in this gift for her great-grand that she was never able to see. I love your idea of praying as you crochet; I'm going to start doing that with this afghan for my daughter.

Digging for Pearls said...

Thanks for this reminder. I still am figuring out what God has planned for my life. I feel like I'm on the verge of new, exciting beginnings. I look forward to what God has in store for me.

Charlene Kidd said...

What an encouraging post. I am not sure when the last time I actually stopped and asked God about how and why He made me the way He did.
Love it.