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Monday, June 23, 2008



Most of us don't like change and we certainly do not like being moved out of our comfort zones. But when we obey God's calling and move toward the destination He has prepared for us, the blessings overflow.

I am still standing in amazement at eleven women I met Friday night. Each one told a tiny bit of her story, illustrating that moving is a good thing. The women you see in this picture were hand picked by God to spend a precious moment in eternity together. From all directions each moved toward Charlotte beginning several months ago as they heard and felt God's call.

"Take a step of faith. Do it even if it feels uncomfortable."
Few people cherish a move, but once we step out, the lessson we learn erase all feelings of discomfort.

Each of the ladies in my group has moved! You know what? I am not so sure that any of them has ever moved - like a corporate transfer or a relocation. But I can tell you each of the ladies in my group has moved hundreds of spiritual miles into a place of deep meaning, into a place of secure comfort, a place like no other in the entire universe.

You see each of the ladies in my evaluation group has moved from her past and stepped into her future where her life shines forth with dignity and confidence knowing God will never ever abandon her.

These are the moves my new friends have made:

From shame to dignity, from a once abused woman to God's daughter

From saddness to purpose, from infertility to laughter and joy

From abandoned at the altar to embrassed by the king of the universe

From worried to care free, from what would they think to I only care what Jesus thinks

From drug addiction to Jesus set free

From desperation and self destruction to pouring life into hundreds of children

From "I'll do whatever it takes to be his girl" to " I'll do whatever it takes to seal my soul in eternity."

From drowning in loneliness to seeing Jesus in others

From the pain of losing a mother to brain trauma to trusting in God whose ways are always higher than our own

From mistakes that could have crushed and destroyed to surrender that set free to soar...

It is possible to move!

Whether God has called us to leave home and move from one coast to the other or wheter He has challenged us to set aside our own agenda to fulfill his commission we are always on the move. I prase God for the wonderful women who took the first step and moved into my heart.

I am a better person for having been invited into your story.

You moved me!


Digging for Pearls said...

Moving isn't easy, but praise God for the changes He brings about in our hearts and lives.


Luanne said...

Thanks Van,
As one of those women who had to move out of her comfort zone I just want to tell you again how much I appreciated you serving as our leader in the group evaluations. You helped us all to feel respected, and gave us confidence when our knee's were knocking together. I was blessed to be a part of your group.


Dana M said...

Oh, my sister Van! How wonderful to find a message from you in my inbox this morning! I am still reeling from our weekend at She Speaks! Processing it all has been nothing short of tiring! I FEEL inspired, oh how you pegged it perfectly! I loved meeting all my new friends and hearing their "moving" stories! And Like the Jefferson's - "I'm moving on UP!" Thank you again for your willingness to serve as encourager, guider, and advisor - you are a wonderful listener! ( A tip I picked up on Saturday!) I look forward to keeping in touch as each of grow! God Bless you Van as well as all my new Sisters!
Much love!

Digging for Pearls said...

Hi Van,
Just read your comment on my blog. Unfortunately I was not at She Speaks this year. I truly wanted to be, but we were unable to afford it this time. I have been an avid prayer warrior for those who were able to go.

Perhaps we will be able to meet some other year.


Tristan Perry said...

Hi Van--hi all you ladies!
It was truly a privilege for me to meet you, Van, and all the beautiful women in our group and at the conference! I'm still processing all that happened this weekend. But more than anything, I wish we could all have had more time together. The time went by too fast. You're right about change: it can be difficult to make; however, it can also be exciting! Thank you for blessing me this weekend with your support and speaking expertise. I look forward to putting into practice what I learned from you and the rest of the group members. We look so good on your blog!

Barks & Hugs,
Tristan Perry

The Broken Man said...

Lovely blog - I look forward to reading some more of it!

The Broken Man


Laura said...

This makes me a little sad that I didn't get to share in this precious experience this year! But I am so glad that God brought us together last year and has built a special bond.
Still coming down from the mountain...slowly...kicking and screaming the entire way!