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Monday, June 30, 2008


Moving With Moses and the Women in His Life

A couple of weeks ago I compared a contemporary move to Mrs. Noah's move, you know her trip on the ark, and what a trip it must have been!

Another family, later in the Biblical story, also took a trip - - -on an ark. Do you recall the four whose lives and future changed because of a little ark that saved the life of a three-month-old baby boy?

Moses, his mother Jochebed, Miriam his sister, and the Pharaoh’s daughter, an Egyptian princess each moved emotionally, spiritually, and, in the case of Miriam, physically, because of a choice one woman made: Jochebed - to move from her comfort zone, in order to save her baby. Little did she know it would spawn one of the greatest mass movements in history - the Exodus of the Israelites.

For the next weeks, we will look at Moses and the women in his life who were affected by moves, moves pre-ordained by God, in whom we live and move and have our being.

Today let's look at Jochebed whose story can be found in Exodus 1-2:10 (background included) and 6:20.

Moves include the unknown, decisions that impact the future, choices that save or destroy, and against-the-flow adventures. Would you agree?

Moses' birth occurred during a horrific time in the life of the Israelite slaves. Imagine knowing your child would be killed shortly after his birth. Jochebed had to make a move. Either she could stand by and allow the midwives to destroy her child or she could move toward God and ask for comfort and direction. She chose to put her baby boy in a basket and float him out into the waters. What a brave woman. What a move!

If you are a move-her, you have made similar choices. You have sent your children off to new situations and sat by trusting a new teacher to give your child the necessary tools for life.

That is exactly what the princess did! She equipped Moses with an education that moved him from the palace to the pasture. Both careers prepared him for the mass Exodus he would eventually lead.

As move-hers, we can trust God when He calls us to make moves that might wrap our emotions in fear. We can look to Jochedbed and Miriam who stepped out of the norm, little knowing that their move would save a nation.

Maybe your move isn't so dramatic. Just remember, in God's divine plan all moves have a purpose. Let me challenge you to step out in submission and ask God to give you courage for the adventure. Who knows who you might meet and who in your new life may be seeking salvation!


Laura said...

This post is so appropriate for me right now! You were right...I'm movin' now! What made me step out? Hmmm. Just trying to hear what God is asking us to do. We haven't completely left the old church; I'm still obligated to the youth for the summer. One friend told me it took them nine months to leave a church. yikes! I'm still not sure God is calling us to leave, but He is calling us to this place right now.Still trying to trust...

Kelly said...

Hi Van! It was good to hear from you too, thanks for your post on my blog...I am really glad to hear that you are going to knit something for your friend's baby! I have a really easy baby blanket that can be knitted with a pound of love baby yarn, if you are interested, let me know and I will give you the directions..it is super easy and turns out really cute!
You have been an inspiration to me on saving and watching my spending! I wish we did live closer to have tea!