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Monday, July 7, 2008


Moving With Moses and His Sister

Moses' big sister welcomed him into the world at his birth. She was old enough to participate in an undercover plot with her mother several months later, when it became obvious that Moses must be hidden away or risk death.

Today we go to adoption agencies or use the state's foster care program for the safe keeping of our children. In 1526 B.C. (ish)mothers put their children in baskets and floated them into the Nile.

Little Miriam became a private investigator. She followed the basket as it floated away. Hidden in the tall river grasses, she kept her distance until her baby brother miraculously floated past a princess who happened to be sunbathing and splashing with her girlfriends on the edge of the river.

Immediately big sis strolled into view and suggested a nanny for the baby boy-and the princess accepted.

Case solved!

Let's talk about this move and then another, years later when Miriam followed her little brother out of captivity.

Think of all the virtues Miriam must have had tucked away into her character to have participated in her mother's plot: obedience, trust, love, hope...

When God calls us to step out of our homes and participate in his plan of salvation how do we react?

Whenever a move looms on my horizon, suddenly the entire process becomes "about me." My loss, my pain, my sorrow, my insecurities, my, my, my!

Merriam stepped out in obedience. Consequently she experienced an incredible miracle. Her brother didn't succumb to alligators in the Nile; he grew up a prince in the palace.

Of course we know that was not God's ultimate plan. Growing up in the palace was simply a stepping stone to the real plan.

I have surveyed my life and realized that God has moved me several times to accomplish one plan. One move was a stepping stone to another goal.

The Bible's account of the Egyptian slaves paints a picture of extreme torture, agonizing labor, and total inhumane treatment of the children of Israel. Day and night they cried to God for protection and release.

God heard their pleas and pointed a finger at Moses. "You will be my instrument to let my people go."

Moses moved also. His move to protect the life of one of his own by killing one of his adopted family members moved him into exile. The move into exile moved him into a classroom of sorts where he would learn to lead his people through the wilderness. His move back to Egypt ushered in one of the greatest moves of all times - the mass exodus of an entire nation - millions of people.

And one of those in that nation was sister Miriam, made famous by the song she sang as she walked through the sea on dry land. She took a tambourine and led all the women as they played their tambourines and danced, once again experiencing an incredible miracle while following her brother to freedom.

"Sing to the LORD,
For He has triumphed gloriously.
He has hurled both horse and rider
into the sea.
Exodus 15:20

Has God called you to move? Consider this, maybe he is moving you toward liberty. Possibly He is placing you in the middle of a greater plan. Maybe He is simply calling you to obey, trust, love, have hope, and sing a song of victory because you know the God who has called you to the Promised Land.

I'm headed in that direction and I can't


Laura said...

"Whenever a move looms on my horizon, suddenly the entire process becomes "about me." My loss, my pain, my sorrow, my insecurities, my, my, my!"
this is so familiar to me, Van! I have deliberately been making myself focus on being in the middle of "a bigger plan" as you so wisely say. Sometimes, it is hard to see past the next day. But I'm still trusting...

much2ponder said...

Back in 96, we moved to WI from NY. I had no idea what was in store, but once I made up my mind to move...that was it. I did not know the Lord then and trusted greatly in my own ability. I dragged my husband and four children 1000 miles from everything they knew to start over. Today I can say I think I was running from hurt and pain in my life, but I also realize that the Lord was drawing me to himself at the same time. Whatever the reason, God has used this move to bring all six of us to an understanding of who he is. We all came to know the TRUTH between 1997 and 1998. I believe moving to WI was the best thing we ever did for our family, even thought back in 96 the transition was not so easy for the kids. Today I can honestly say that God has blown me away with his mercy and grace. All of our children are currently living for the Lord. The oldest is a Pastor in Colorado. We are all works in progress and life is not perfect by any means, but when I look back to where he has brought me from. I am simply amazed. Recently I did a series on my blog, "Expand My View Lord" it talks a lot about what I have been through if you are interested. Total of 5 posts.

Shanda said...

Once again enjoying your vantage point on moving. We've now been in TN for nearly 4 months and although a very short time my husband and I both have a yearning to go back to ID. This last part you wrote really spoke to me.
"Possibly He is placing you in the middle of a greater plan. Maybe He is simply calling you to obey,..." Obedience has been a theme in my life over this last year and I wonder if this move was part of that lesson. Or maybe we need to hold out for the "greater plan". We were both so eager to be apart of something new, reach out of the comfort zone and now the pull of our hearts back home is so strong and yet catches me off guard because I truly wanted to move. The obvious answer is we haven't been here long enough. Only time will tell I guess. Would you pray for us?

P.S. I loved the pictures on "She Plays!"

Sassy Granny said...

Funny how the years will ready you either transplant-able, or deeply entrenched in place (root bound). I've grown more like the former, relishing the adventures of each new "home". Sometimes it's been across town; at other times it's been across the country. But I learned (sort of like Paul) that I would have missed something precious had I not experienced the new realm - not the least of which is that my home is truly in the Lord. I think that's part of being content wherever, whatever, whenever. So simple; such a difficult thing to grasp.

One other precious thing I've learned is how portable and potable am I in the Lord. He is wherever I am. He goes before; He comes behind. So simple; such a difficult thing to grasp.

It's taken me nearly all of my 60 years to grasp some things (most things). What an incredible Father is ours!


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh Van...this spoke so much to my heart today. I have so often compared myself with Moses...and God has me in a place right now where I'm having to trust Him like never before!!

I loved your thoughts on this!

ps-loved the pics from the She Plays post!!

Mindy said...

Hey Van
Just stoppin in to say hi! Great post...I love how you make me think! Blessings on your day!

Anonymous said...


I am moving again. Well yes I am technically moving to Dubai in two months but I have decided to leave the Middle East next year. After many requests from family and friends, I have decided to come home. God showed me it was time to come home. There is now something worth coming home for!! I can't wait!

Dana M said...

Hi Van - Just popped over to see what "inspiration" I could get from God through your thoughts today! NO surprises...My husband and I have been contemplating a move for some time. One more of a spiritual nature, but a "re-location" none-the-less! I did find revelation in your words..as I always do! Many blessings!