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Monday, July 14, 2008


Moving with Moses’ Wife

Moses met his wife while he was on the move. Do you recall that Moses moved a lot? His first move occurred when his mother floated him down the Nile. Then he moved into the palace. His next move was not a choice he made. It was the result of a crime he committed. He moved into the desert where he stumbled upon a group of sisters shepherding their father’s herds of sheep. When they told Reuel, their father about the stranger, he commanded them, “Invite him to come and eat with us.”

The rule of hospitality in the desert states that no one should be allowed to remain alone. Survival in the desert is impossible without the help of others.

So Moses moved into the tents of Reuel and his daughters and learned to shepherd flocks of animals.

Eventually he married Zipporah one of Reuel’s daughters.

During this time in Moses’ life he came face to face with God at the burning bush where he received God’s call to liberate the children of Israel back in Egypt.

How did Zipporah respond to Moses when he announced their relocation to Egypt? She grew up as a shepherdess. She knew nothing of life in palaces. She lived her life in the open expanse of nature. How would she survive the populated streets of a foreign society?

I have had those same questions when my husband announced his career changes.

“Go where?”

“For what reason?”

“To do what?”

“I’m not familiar with their culture!”

“My sons will grow up in the midst of strangers.”

What Zipporah didn’t realize, what I didn’t understand, was the purpose for the move.

Sometimes God moves us so we can be the liberators, so we can bring the good news, so we can lead the captives to freedom.

Is God moving you? Ask Him to show you the move from His perspective?


Laura said...

Sometimes a move takes time...I grow impatient with this transition! Thank you for reminding me that I am not the first woman to question God's plan.
I'm praying for you, Van. As you are in the "Wait Room", I hope you feel my prayers, friend!

Bonita said...

Honey, I wish God was moving me...across town...near where our new church is being built...to a house I actually like. So, I guess it works both ways. Sometimes He moves us and sometimes He says, "Stay put." As I recall, when it came time to move to the promised land Moses had a "stay put" moment as a result of prior disobedience. Perhaps, I'm currently experiencing the result of our financial mistakes of the past, but one day soon I hope to move on to that promised land!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

To a deeper place of trust...that's where he's moving me. I can continue with life as usual and keep things comfortable. Some days, this is my preference. It's exhausting to live with the unknowns, but I am learning, even as Moses learned. Once we see God move his hand on our behalf, the trust seems an easier embrace.

His hand has moved for me time and again. I reflect on these "stones of remembrance" each time he asks for more faith.

Thank you for your thoughts, Van. You always have a way of weaving sacred perspective through God's Word and our everyday.