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Monday, August 18, 2008



So Moses and his band of pilgrims, not Bedouins (nomads roaming in circles), not hermits (holding out in caves), the Israelite pilgrims moved toward God’s Promised Land.

Like each one of us on the move, they encountered detours and halts. And like me, they whined and complained all the way. First they wanted to go back. Next they got thirsty and longed for the Nile. They missed the gourmet food ( Really ?) of Egypt. They missed their former comforts. Give me a break! They had been slaves for centuries.

Crossing the Sinai they turned north toward Canaan.

Have you ever been on the right path? Going right where you felt God had led you?

The Israelites had one goal in mind – the Promised Land.

If you are a pilgrim and a child of God, you too are headed toward the Promised Land He has prepared for you.

Unfortunately I have made the same mistake that my forefather Hebrews made.

I have arrived! I’ve stood at the walls. God has promised to open the gates, but I made the mistake of looking over the wall, seeing or experiencing something uncomfortable, and have chosen to stop in my tracks.

God was willing, I was not!

We all know that the Israelites sent spies into the land God had promised them. They returned with reports that scared everyone into believing…

Believing what?

“There are giants in the land!”

So! God is bigger than my giants. He brought me here for a purpose. Am I going to turn around and go back? Will fear paralyze me?

What false stories have you believed?

What has kept you from moving forward?

Sadness, insecurity, doubt have all been my “giants in the land.”

In Deuteronomy Moses wrote, “ Then we turned around and headed back across the wilderness toward the Red Sea, just as the Lord had instructed me, and we wandered around in the region of Mount Seir for a long time.”

The Israelites could have walked into their new homes and taken charge, begun their new lives, trusted God. Life would have certainly been different.

But no—they doubted Him. So they wasted 40 years wandering around.

I too have wasted lots of time wandering around.

What about you? Are you settling in to your new home or calling or are you wandering around biting your fingernails, questioning your next move?


Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Another great post, Van. I ask myself these things frequently. How I long to believe God in all things! He is so powerful, and He is WILLING! What a dynamic combination! Lord, give me more faith!

Shanda said...

Guess I'm one of the nail bitters. My husband was so supportive of the move, but it wasn't necessarily a "spiritual" issue for him. Since I never really understood my own drive to move in the first place, or purpose, it sure is easy to look back at the comforts of home and want to turn back. Yes, even the food!

Your posts keep me seeking after Him. What does He want for us? I have chosen to be content in the waiting and trust He will take us through the next step. He always does!


Shonda said...

Great points to reflect on. It seems to vary from situation or circumstance. I do want to move into all that HE has for me. Pressing forward in faith even so small as a mustard seed!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I like your blog. I've bookmarked it too (as well as Angela's). Blessings in Christ-

Engrafted by His Grace-

debrah said...

Before moving from Ca. to NY. I was certain the Lord had opened these doors...soon after I arrived in my nameless town...I wanted to go home...or a least to another area...return to the city of boroughs...but please Lord get me out of here...I have gone back and forth in my mind many, many times...between I will not settle here...to well if I do settle here this is what will have to happen...to get me out of here...to now what????I know that all my thoughts since arriving here (about leaving,conditional staying...are wrong thoughts...)I have even come to an acceptance only to discover what it really was was hopeless...God is patient with me...I just want to get it right so I can get it over...see fer me it's an attitude problem...I may be here for awhile...
Great Post...

Dana said...

Yes! Yes! How could you have possibly known this was MY current issue??? I just love how the Holy Spirit confirms & reconfirms things through those we love & cherish! We are "moving"! We have finally stopped "nail biting" and are on the move! It deosn't yet appear to be our "Promise Land", but God is definitely at the FOREfront of the laid out plans! I love that you TOO were able to confirm what we already knew to be happening! Just love you...love you..!

Angela said...

Hey Van,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. I love blogland where I am consistently encouraged and challenged in my walk. I love how we can reflect Christ's love to one another. I am glad to meet you and I will have to think about this post you have written; I like to imagine that I cling to God without reservation or hesitation..but I know I have my hang-ups, too. I am glad to meet you!