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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I began my day this morning glued to ABC and Robin Roberts, waiting for the interview with Steven Curtis Chapman. For me it served as my morning devotion...

on many levels:

First-an opportunity to pray for my brothers and sisters who have suffered such a grievous loss. As Christians we are called to pray for one another, to lift each other high to God's throne as we wait for Him to heal.

Secondly-an opportunity to learn from other, stronger Christian saints, an opportunity to watch and model what it means to give grace in the midst of horrible circumstances, what it means to forgive and comfort when the world would condemn and judge.

Thirdly-an opportunity to praise God, praise Him because no experience in His economy is in vain. He uses the ashes of our miserable lives to show the world how faith in Him and trust in His perfect love can transform ordinary lives into divine circumstances where those who hurt and don't understand can come to drink and be refreshed.

Fourthly-an opportunity to thank God that He has made Himself available to all who would seek Him. It is no coincidence that the Chapman family shares their story on Good Morning America. God will go to immeasurable lengths to get the attention of all creation. I wish it didn’t have to be them. I wish no would have to suffer. The unfortunate circumstance is that the world will sit up and listen to the Chapman saga. The world could care less about the saga of an ordinary family. The world is curious to see how Christian celebrities handle trials. I pray God’s double portion of love and blessings on the saints who live in the Chapman house.

Finally-an opportunity to pray for the millions who watched GMA and will once again observe the Chapmans on Larry King Live tomorrow night. I pray that the message God has for his children will be clearly read by those whose curiosity will drive them to tune into the television. May God transform their tragedy into triumph. And may all of us who watch this family from afar, gain strength and develop hope, knowing that we too, through our trials and tribulations can take comfort in the fact,
God has the power to transform tragedy and turn it into triumph.


Shanda said...

Hi Van!
Thanks for stopping by. I haven't written much, just don't have the words right now. I'm doing well, just like you said though I'm just taking each day as it comes and trying to learn the lessons from the move. Thanks for your prayers.

Amy Carroll said...

I completely forgot about the interview this morning. Ack! Thank you for sharing.

It was so much fun to travel with you and Tracie. Anson has started band camp and gotten cut in soccer try-outs. I'm telling you, I'm putting your number on speed dial until I get this boy through the teen years!


Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Amen and amen. And may more people be inspired by the Chapmans to adopt.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I loved watching this interview. God's love and light shined through so brightly through this family! Even through Robin! I loved the end where she said they still had a lot of questions, but they never question their faith! Powerful stuff!!

Jerralea said...

I've been praying for the Chapmans ever since I heard of the tragedy. I do believe that God will get glory out of this.

Starr said...

What lovely words you have written! I wish I had know about the Chapmans being on those two shows. I would have loved to see it. I am sure they are using this situation to bring Glory to the Father. There is better way to heal.
Love and Blessings,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I watched it with sadness and with great hope in my heart. Their witness has moved me to greater depths of trust and understanding.