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Monday, October 6, 2008


Standing with my feet in two places

My husband and I started out this morning on a road trip. We have had our trip planned for many months. We spent our day driving lazily across the Ozarks, crossing two of our nation’s biggest rivers, finally coming to a stop in southern Illinois at the historic Rose Hotel. We are spending the night on the Ohio- I mean several yards from the river front. Our room opens onto a wide veranda from where we have broad vistas of the river – East to West. I plan on getting up to see the sun rise!

I have one regret from the day. I could have planned a very special moment, but I waited until too late.

This is what I wish I had done and I did not.

I had the opportunity to stand with my feet in two rivers! That is right. When we left Missouri behind we climbed up and over the Mississippi traveling on a long expanse of bridge. When it touched ground we were in Illinois. From the road a smaller road traveled down to the river. I could see it, but I had not pre planned it.

In no time our car climbed up and over the Ohio River. Looking back over my shoulder, from my vantage point I saw three states: Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, divided by two rivers – the Ohio and the Mississippi!

I was impressed with myself. Never mind hundreds of other cars were traveling over the same expanse of civil engineering feats.

I was “standing with my feet in two places” In my mind that is!

I wanted to go back, DH said no. He was tired of driving, longing to arrive at our peaceful destination.

Standing with my feet in two places. Can you relate? I want to be here, but I need to go there. Looking back, needing to look forward. Holding on to the past, needing to grab hold of the future.

Today’s experience helped me realize that my moves, be they physical or spiritual cannot be successful if I don’t set my heart and face toward the goal. Too often I don’t want to leave the past behind. I want to stand with my feet in two places. I want it all – living in the yesterdays but anticipating the tomorrows.

So we didn’t stop to stand in two places, we moved on and what a delightful experience awaited us!

Sometimes we have to give up the past so we can fully enjoy the present and the future.

Had we stopped to stand in two places, we would have missed the peaceful end to our day – a most wonderful sunset over the Ohio River, right outside the door of our very own charming bedroom in this delightful Bed and Breakfast – the Rose Hotel.

Tempted to stand with your feet in two places? Let me encourage you – pick up the foot that is keeping you form moving forward and place it in front of your other foot, Keep going…be amazed by God’s plan for your life.


Dana said...

My Sister Van....Oh, how CRAZY things have gotten around my house. (see blog)
Yes, I have at times in my life found myself with my feet in two different places.
Most recetly it has been concerning financial matters and God's desie verses ours! Naturally, He won out! We still have quite a mess to clean up...but we are certain our feet are planted firm...together...and going in the same direction (always important ya know!)
BTW - We are finishing up the last of our summer tomatoes! Oh, I will miss those sandwiches unitl next summer...I also LOVED it with cheddar cheese!

Judith Hernandez said...

Thank you vor your post. It came ona good time.

On Purpose said...

I am so glad I visited today for these awesome words of encouragement!