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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Waiting, sitting on the front step…

My husband and I walk together every day – most of the time!

Right now we are visiting his parents in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our MO is to announce one to the other – “I’ll be ready to walk in a few minutes. Let’s walk early. Let’s walk later.”

Today I announced – “Let’s walk early, I want to get home, wash my hair, and run some errands.”

“OK,” my husband replied. “Do you mind waiting a few minutes? First I am going up into the attic to check on the roof.”

My father-in-law has been waiting to make roof repairs. He won’t tell us what he is waiting for.

While my husband banged his way around in the attic I waited on the front stoop. I took my shoes out the front door and sat down on the step, put on my socks and shoes, and waited. The wait gave me an opportunity to stop.

I have been avoiding spending down time. When I slow down I am forced to think about my heavy waits, those waits that are a burden to me right now: circumstances that threaten to weigh me down, stresses that slither into my mind stealing my joy, reminders that life is hard and feels out of my control…

Mostly I want to keep busy so I don’t have to wander out of my comfy garden and into the wild and dangerous jungle.

But here I was, forced to be still while I waited.

While sitting on the stoop my eyes explored the front flower bed and the world beyond where I reviewed many spiritual lessons:

1- Looking at the weeds that wound their way through the flower bed I wondered, “What weeds have I allowed to choke out my relationship with Jesus, with others?”
2- Observing the hard bald spots in the grass I questioned, “Have I developed a hard heart, protecting myself from becoming too vulnerable, too close to those whose hearts I could touch if I simply slowed down enough to care?”
3- Seeing the many homes around me, I asked forgiveness for not getting to know the people around me, forgiveness for neglecting to pray for those whose lives brush mine on a regular basis.
4- Watching the squirrels dashing here and there with confident purpose as they gathered acorns and planted them, I could relate, “Am I confident in my calling or am I whining about the challenges God has allowed into my life?”
5- Looking up through the branches of the tall pines I wondered, “Am I standing tall and confident in what I believe about the Christian walk? Does my life glorify my Savior? Am I so strongly rooted in Christ that I trust Him no matter the storms that threaten to undo me? ”

“Are you ready?” I heard my husband’s voice.

Normally I don’t like having to wait. Today God gave me an energizing opportunity in the midst of a wait. I had not planned to spend a quiet moment reflecting, but my Father had other plans.

“Sorry I kept you waiting,” I heard my husband apologize.

“Waiting?” I replied. “No problem.”

For once waiting had been a welcome gift. I believe it transformed my day!

God showed up this morning. I remember having read STREAMS in the DESERT last night. Within the reading of September 30 I recalled:

When God places a burden upon you, He places His arms underneath you.

God uses time trials to remind me, He protects me in the midst of life’ difficulties. Winds of insecurity may be blowing, but His arms are strong. If I focus on His truths, He will take care of my uncertainties.


ilovemy5kids said...

Thank you so much for your comment...what a blessing! :)

ThyHandHathProvided said...

Thanks for your comment and this post (a message we all need to be reminded of). I will be book marking you and checking in now and again!

DeeDee said...

Beautful post. Using the waiting to let God speak to you.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Sweet Blessings,

Laura said...

Hi, Van! I'm glad to hear that your time in Arkansas has been nourishing. A walk with hubs? What a sweet treat. All it takes is a little time. Isn't it funny how He does show up when we take the time? I miss you, friend! Life is busy here and I feel disconnected. Praying for you.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

What a great post, Van. The questions are convicting to my heart. I have been pondering some of those very things myself.

I have to share this, my girlfriend and I were talking about sharing the love of Christ to our neighbors. I not done a very good job at that. They have been there for a few years but I am so busy. I did the proper holiday gift (taking the easy way out). So I finally asked God to let me just talk to them and get to love them.

He very quickly took me at my word and the very next day I am having a conversation with her-the kind only God can set up. You would not believe that I found out her husband passed away in June and I did not even know. I felt horrible. I just grieved with her and gave her our phone number and told her to call anytime. My girls and I are praying for her and her pain.

What if I was like Christ and reached out sooner? Perhaps we could have been there in another way. But there is no condemnation here, I now know what I can do from this day forward.

Sorry this is longer than I meant it to be but I just had to share.
Much love,

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh and I have been meaning to tell you I love your blog title! :)

Darlene said...

great post! I had to sit still long enough to read it... funny how in this time of little ones, blogging has become my quiet, devotional time! Love hearing from Christian sisters around the globe!

PS thanks for your comment!

Starr said...

I so needed that today. Thank you.