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Monday, October 27, 2008


Coexisting with the enemy is not an option

For those of you who follow my moving blog –

I hope it moves you spiritually, inspires you, encouraging you to stay on a straight path…

Recently I have been sharing some traveling stories, sorta' went off on a few bunny trails. For now, I am back on track...

For those of you who follow my moving blog, you know I began this blog in the garden of Eden and moved with women of the Bible from Genesis through Joshua. We have witnessed the moves of Eve, Mrs. Noah Arkbuilder, Sarah, Miriam, Ziphora, (Moses’ sister and wife), and most recently, Rahab’s spiritual move to reach out with hospitality toward Joshua as he and the pilgrims, who had been on the move for over 40 years, moved into the Promised Land, beginning with her home town.

So the children of Israel moved into Canaan and began to settle down.

When was the last time you read the book of Joshua? From chapter 6, with the fall of Jericho, through chapter 13, verse 7, Joshua oversees as his men destroy and conquer the enemy, taking the territory God set before them.

Before we can settle down it’s important to conquer and destroy “the enemy.” We cannot move forward, succeeding tomorrow in our new territory, unless we annihilate our foes.

As I look back on my past moves I can see how some moves were more successful than others. Reading the account of Joshua helps me to understand that a victorious journey into my future includes removing my adversary. The two of us, my opponent and I can not coexist. One has to go!

So who, what has to go? A careful study of my personal enemies includes:
Insecurities, lies, past defeats, worry, doubt, fear…

WOW – I have lots of enemies with whom I have no business sharing my tent!

Clearly God called Joshua to wipe the enemy out. God has His reasons.

I repeat – My rival and I cannot coexist!

Dear move-hers. It’s time we removed the enemy that keeps us from taking the territory God has given us.

Is God calling you to enter a new territory?

Wether A physical location or a spiritual place?

What’s the name of your enemy? What is your removal plan?


Darlene said...

Hi Van. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Being mommy is the most deep bittersweet joy I have ever known. IT IS SOOO HARD! Wow.

It is no mistake that I came by your blog today. God is giving me a very clear command that He is trying to sift somethings out of my soul. My enemies that have been paralyzing me are worry and fear.

My plan? Honestly, looking to Him! Because I KNOW I cannot do this one on my own. AT ALL! So, I will just keep my focus on Him, on his truths, and then I have to trust that He will set this captive free!

In Him, He is so good,

Carmen said...

Van! CLEARLY the LORD is speaking to His Children...I've heard from numerous sources independent of one another - this concept of 'taking possession'...which is what we have allowed to be stolen from us (John 10:10).

As I read thru your blog entry, I am also excited because truly, our work in possessing our rightful inheritance is our DISPOSSESSING of the enemy(ies). LORD willing, in the days ahead, I'll post what HE has been teaching me...in order that we take possession of our Land!

Shalom Dear Sister!

Cheri Bunch said...

Hi Van~
Thank you for visiting my blog the other day. I love your blog! It is so colorful and bright! You have awesome pictures!
Have an amazing day!

On Purpose said...

Hello Van,

This is right in line with the end of Believing God by Beth Moore which I just read this morning. I am starting to wonder...hmmm...maybe God has a purupose here to move me through something! GReat post!

Amy Carroll said...

I think I'm going to be moving into a new job. Job hunting boils up all kinds of enemies: comparison, doubt, fear...

God is so faithful to use these times to bring my enemies to the front-line so that I can face them. It's uncomfortable, but I am grateful that He's making me more like Himself.

Love you, friend!


Christine said...

This is a great post. IT is perfect for I am right now.