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Monday, May 25, 2009



Saturday my neighbor and I noticed a new “FOR SALE” sign down the street.

“I wonder where they’re going?”

We both asked this question of each other and laughed as people do when the same thing comes out of two mouths talking back and forth.

What about you? Where are you going these days?

Whether you are relocating to find a new job, to get closer or farther away from family, or if you are simply considering a spiritual or emotional move, You have come to the right place to discuss:

Your next move.

I would like to challenge you to make a move – move IN.

Ephesians is a book all about moving. Yesterday our sermon wrapped up the book of Ephesians. We have been studying Paul’s letter for several weeks and I learned something new.

Ephesians is a book about moving – moving IN.

Beginning with the first chapter -

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us IN the heavenly realms

with every spiritual blessing IN Christ.

he chose us IN him before the creation of the world

to be holy and blameless IN his sight.

IN love predestined us to be adopted as his children through Jesus Christ,

IN accordance with his pleasure and will—

to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us IN the One he loves.

IN him we have redemption

Moving got you confused, disconnected, stressed, and troubled?

Read on - mark every "IN" as you read the book of Ephesians. God wants us IN, not out.

What's keeping you from accepting the invitation?

Right now – move IN.

IN him we were chosen! No place I'd rather be!


Deborah said...

I just loved reading "moving in" and cannot wait to highlight all the "in" words in Ephesian in my Bible. Thank you so much for sharing!

Have a blessed day!

Julie Coleman said...

Love that insight!! What a great chapter to meditate on. I worked through Ephesians last fall. One thing I noticed was the whole Trinity is represented in those first verses of the letter:
The Father chose us (v. 4-6)
The Son sacrificed (v. 7-12)
The Holy Spirit sealed (v. 13-14)

I love that every part of God had a part in our salvation. Surely this is just another indication of how important we are to God.

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

GREAT post!! Thanks... I want to re read it and then re read the passage in Ephesians to fully meditate on it. Thank you for sharing!

B His Girl said...

I'm in girl. Let's get moving! B

B His Girl said...

Oh, our makeover in the village was today. It was WOW. I will post the pictures soon. Tonight they have pillows, new clean sheets, mattresses with frames, a desk, nightstand...I know God will use this makeover for His glory. You should use your gifts to do something along this line. I am not great at decorating but I am known for helping the poor. People give me stuff for this ministry all the time. B

Laura said...

Now that's some movin' in I can handle!

But your question gets me thinking: what is my next move?

I feel like I'm making it day by day, minute by minute lately. Our church is still hurting, and I try to be His hands. He is giving me strength I never knew I had, but still...

I long for rest.

Movin' on...

love you, lady!