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Wednesday, May 6, 2009



I absolutely can’t wait! Next week DH and I take a trip to visit our children.

I can’t wait to see them!

We are driving and my younger son is flying. Family is gathering. Lots of family – for a very important event.

So what is the occasion, you might be asking.

My daughter-in-law is walking across the stage.

Not just any stage.

When she stops to receive her certificate she will walk off the stage a…


I can not even begin to understand it. I am so amazed with her accomplishments, it defies anything I could ever fathom.

Here is the deal:

She has wanted to be a doctor since she was a toddler playing with her baby dolls and little Fisher Price doctor’s bag.

She just couldn’t wait to grow up and be a doctor.

Well there are lots of things I thought I couldn’t wait to happen in my life:

Can’t wait to find a job

Can’t wait for a test result

Can’t wait for a loved one to heal

Can’t wait for a relationship to mend

Can’t wait for…

My life can be defined by “can’t waits.” Some have been more serious waits than others.

Sometimes I thought all I could do was sit, hope the time would pass --- fast, and wait for the thing to happen.

Guess what? My daughter-in-law didn’t begin her career by “waiting.” I don’t believe she had a dream at three and then began to wait. Oh no. For the last 25 years she has planned and prepared.

I know because I have watched her since she was in the fifth grade. She looked at her future. She set goals. She concentrated. She worked hard. She studied. She graduated – tops in her class – twice! She prepared for her medical entrance exams and took them. It was hard. That didn’t stop her.

Then she began medical school. Four years ago she couldn’t wait to become a doctor. She has spent sleepless nights observing patients in hospital rooms. She has stood on her feet long hours in cold surgical arenas. She has sat for hours listening and learning during long lectures. She has memorized body parts, terms, chemicals, and illnesses most of us don’t know exist!

She couldn’t wait to be a doctor.

In one week she will be a doctor.

Then guess what? All that waiting will be turned into another four year wait as she works her way through her specialty in a program called a residency.

I am learning to wait from her. While she waits to become a doctor, to practice medicine, to treat others’ illnesses she doesn’t simply sit and wait for the dream to come true, for the thing to materialize.

She plans. She prepares.

What are you waiting for?

When your dream comes true, when the thing happens, will you be prepared when your dream materializes?

Waiting includes active planning and preparing.


Yolanda said...

Yee haw for your Daugher-in-law. I have a BFF that is in nursing school, mother to a 5 year old and a wife, talk about a lot on your plate, but this beautiful Sister in Christ is determined.

My DH and I are in a season of change. In case you care to read, It is written for April 30th; Doing some house cleaning.

Higher Grounds

My Wish said...

..."Stand up for what you believe in-even if it means standing alone."


B His Girl said...

You don't look old enough for a DIL! I love the connection with a Dr in the family and your wait room Wed. This is exciting for her and a word for those who are in wait for a dream to come true. I definitely have some prep work to do. Thanks for the encouragement. B

John Cowart said...

Great news about your daughter-in-law!

Your waiting series proves meaningful to me in things I'm going through at the moment.

Becky said...

Thank you for the food for thought today. I really enjoy your blog.

Joyful said...

"Waiting includes active planning and preparing."

I'm going to add another 'p' word..."participating". Actually doing something while we're waiting. Too often I plan and prepare and then sit. I tend to miss too much of life while I'm waiting.

Embracing the wait,

Julie Coleman said...

Congratulations, Van, and to your accomplished daughter in law. May God use her gifts in extraordinary ways. And have a wonderful time with your whole family around you!! Those are the sweetest times-- especially on a happy occasion (rather than a funeral).

We writers know all about preparing during the wait. You kill yourself on a piece, send it to a publisher. . . and wait. But we don't sit idly waiting. We continue to perfect our craft, by continuing to struggle with other projects, studying the Word, etc.

What we do and who we are in the process is just as if not more important than the climactic finish. At least to God.

Gail W. said...

Daughter-in-law? Did you have your son when you were eight? Thanks for sharing this great story - prayers and blessings to you and yours as you celebrate!

Laura said...

Hooray for your Daughter in law! Sounds like she's more like a real daughter if you have watcher her since the fifth grade. So this must be very exciting for you too!

I hope you are having a wonderful time, Van.


Amy Carroll said...

It's so true, isn't it? Most promises and most dreams require a wait. Thanks for the reminder and I'm celebrating with you.


Shanda said...

Thanks for all the encouragement!!!

Just wanted to let you know I've linked to your site from mine... I nominated you for an award. Come check it out!

tressa said...

i may not comment often but i LOVE to read your blog. that is why i nominatted you for the attitude of grattitude award! write on!

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

I am truly impressed with your DIL. My husband's cousin's husband (How's that for a connection, seems more distant when I write it out, but really I do know him) :-) anyway, he just finished, finished, as in finished the residency. Watching him go through the process from a distance has kept me truly amazed. So congrats to your DIL. And to you!!