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My favorite smell: The way the earth smells after it rains.

My favorite sound: The first notes of a grand symphony.

My favorite way to relax: Sitting anywhere outside - on my front porch, on my deck, or by the lake, early in the morning with my first cup of coffee.

My favorite birthday dessert: a Peach cobbler baked by my husband. He’s my fave chef!

I will not eat: Avocado. They turn my stomach into a volcano that never erupts.

Technology I couldn't live without and why: My laptop - it takes me anywhere I want to go.

One thing that makes me smile: My sons' faces!

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Monday, June 1, 2009


Blessed is the (wo)man... for she will be like a tree planted by living waters.

I have already been on the move today!

Spent some time with my Father telling him all about me and mine. Asking Him to touch our lives and lead us. Read Tracie Miles Encouragement for today Devotion. I encourage you to read it too.

Took out the trash and recycling.

Led the way for my DH, into the jungle traffic of the city, so he could take his car to have it repaired.

Back to morning devos: Today is June first and I have read through the Pslams twice already this year. Now I start over. I read that I am blessed if I--

don’t walk in the counsel of the wicked, or stand in the way of sinners, sit in the seat of mockers. But delight in the law of the LORD and meditate on it day and night. If I practice staying away from evil and delight in God’s Word, then I am like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season.

Have you recently moved? Got a move planned in your future? Contemplating a move?

I always make it clear on this blog that you may be on the move physically, relocating to a new home or maybe on the move emotionally or spiritually. Whatever the move take a look at your life. Do you need to move away from the wicked, a few bad-example sinners, or possibly some mockers?

Today Tracie reminded me that I need to move away from doubt - that is a mocker if I ever knew one - doubt caused by what I hear on the radio, see on the television or allow my mind to absorb when I am weak. Yes - today I am going to plant myself by Streams of living water and practice believing through faith.

One of the biggest leaps I ever took happened the day I realized it was up to me to plant myself next to Jesus and drink from His living water rather than allow myself to be brought down by worldly ways.

Today I challenge you – move next to the Stream of Living Water.