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Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Stand firm? That doesn’t sound like a move to me!

I have stood firm in the midst of a move. There are two ways to stand firm.

Way to stand firm number 1 – This “move” reminds me of a strong willed child who stands in the middle of a happy play ground listening to mother say, “Come on sweetie – time to go.”

Toddler plants both feet firmly on the play ground, stares mother down and doesn’t even need to refuse. Body language and actions relay the message loud and clear!

I have stood firm – firm in my play ground --- of sorts.

I did not want to leave Texas. My first son was born there and I had experienced the joy of sharing my baby’s firsts with other young mothers. I had left the work place and entered the world of play groups, parks, neighborhood gatherings, and necessary naps. Although I missed my teaching career I was challenged by motherhood and felt particularly supported by my circle of friends. I did not want to leave that comfortable niche behind! I liked that “play ground.” I cried and pouted when my husband announced our move. I fretted as we drove cross country. I allowed myself to sink into depression- refusing to exercise, meet others, or seek the positive in my new surroundings. I stood firm. Oh I moved all right – from my play ground to my pity party.

Way to stand firm number 2- There is another way to stand firm. The Bible speaks of firm foundations. Philippians 4:1 admonishes us to, “ stand firm in the Lord.”

Moving from Texas to Kentucky taught me about standing firm. Where I had learned to stand, take confidence and joy, in my house, my yard, my neighborhood, my church, and my friends, I now needed to “stand firm in the Lord,” take instruction from Him.

When I finally broke- due to a dear friend who pursued me during my transition, I began to learn to listen to God’s Word. I learned to step out of my areas of comfort and depend on Him.

I took my focus off myself and began to look beyond my house, my yard, my comfort. Soon I found myself listening to others. Hearing that they too had difficulties with standing firm.

Are you on the move? Stand firm in Jesus’ commands- love others as you love yourself. Jesus will make sure to fill you up as you stand firm in Him.

"…stand firm in the Lord, my beloved." Philippians 4:1


Lynn Cowell said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I am so glad that some of our team does live in Charlotte so that we can get together more than once a year at She Speaks! Hope to see you soon.
Happy Summer!

Jennifer said...

So funny - how we can sometimes convince ourselves that we are "standing firm" when we're really just pouting with our feet planted! Great post...

B His Girl said...

We have all had our pity parties haven't we. Thankfully God lets us know it's time to move on. You really have the journey with the Lord down on your blog. Movin' and Waitin'. I love it! So true. Both strike familiar cords within me. I have to say I am like Jennifer in the comment above, often found with my lip poking out a little pouting over moves and waits. I am trying to B His grownup girl though. His mercy is new today for us all though. Have a great day Van. B

Joyful said...

Van, this has me singing a song by FFH where the chorus says, "Lord move, or move me." (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBc2K6wv_-I)

Praying the Lord will help me stand firm in Him with all the situations where I'm feeling weak right now.

Thanks for this encouragement,