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Monday, August 17, 2009


Moving with God

Yesterday the congregation where I worship received a treat – a really big treat! Jill and Stuart Briscoe spoke. They are both so real, so down to earth, so profound, yet so simple.

Talk about people on the move! They laid out their message basing it on “walking with God.”

Something both mentioned grabbed my heart and sent me straight into the confession closet.

“If you KNOW God – really know HIM, you can’t help yourself- you are bound to tell others about HIM.”

Jill tells the story of her conversion. A nurse introduced her to Jesus. Jill immediately chose to follow Him. Then she asked, “What do I do now?” Her friend said, “Tell others.”

“Tell others what?”

“Tell others about the gift God just gave you.”

…and Jill, along with her husband, has been doing just that for decades.

So what does that simple little testimony have to do with moving?

I have recently heard from some move-hers who are struggling. Yup – we think the move is about us and all we leave behind. We are sad, displaced, confused, frustrated, lost, angry. I have been there. That is why I write about moving. I’ve also learned that God’s extreme measures get our attention. He wants us to walk with Him. Some of us need to be moved into a place of lonliness where finally we will learn to spend quality time with Jesus. Ten years ago,with no friends, no purpose, no job description, I simply spent the day with God- on my chaise lounge, on my deck, All day I read from His Word. I prayed. I slept, I sang to Him. I learned “it’s not about me.”

I am convinced that God moves us to take His story into the corners of our world, corners best reached and touched by us because who else is better equipped to share Jesus than one’s next door neighbor – we really do have lots in common.

I have to admit, in the depths of my sadness, in the midst of my moves, when I stopped focusing on my feelings and looked into the hearts of others, God moved me! He moved my soul into a place of worth. He moved my level of confidence into a place of purpose. Then He blessed me! He blessed me with friends who loved me for having turned on a little light in their dark worlds.

Know what?? More often than not – we are not the only ones on the block facing hard, sad, or dark times. Truth be told – we could all use a little encouragement.

Has God recently moved you? Pray for your neighbor and next time you see her, strike up a conversation. Plan for coffee together or better yet – school is about to begin. Drop some fliers in your neighbors mail boxes and invite them over for a “moms back to school gathering.” Let me know how it goes.

Oh – and don’t use the excuse that you are the new kid on the block to keep you from reaching out and touching others. I bet your new friends-to-be need a jump start to get back in touch with each other!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I'm in tears reading it.

I know you are right. God has brought me to this place in the wilderness so that I will learn to trust in Him and not family and friends. And even though I believe that, I am struggling with giving Him the time He desires. I know true contentment will not come until I do that, and I am praying that He will give me the hunger and thirst for His word.

Thanks again for the encouragement.

B His Girl said...

I read your Movin on thoughts because I am always trying to move where I am called to b. I need all the encouragement I can get! The Lord orders our steps. Peter and John couldn't help telling of the things they had seen and heard also. I totally get that. I share in my blog profile that I joke with the Lord about it taking more than duct tape to keep me quiet about Him. Actually, I'm serious about that. You can't plug the well within. B

Luanne said...

Thanks for your post. I have seen Stewart and Jill preach many times-and Jill is my favorite podcast speaker!

Be encouraged--and thanks again for encouraging me!

John Cowart said...

"with no friends, no purpose, no job description, I simply spent the day with God- on my chaise lounge, on my deck,"

Sometimes we are moved not to move. I think that's where I am at the moment.

Rachel B said...

This post really touched me as I thought about my own move 5 years ago from Indiana to Iowa. I was 8 hours from "home", all my family, friends. I met my husband only 5 months earlier. Now, here I was, married (so even my name was different) in a new state...new car, new house, new job, new everything. Nothing around me was the same. I, like you, found myself calling on the Lord...drawing closer to Him. I started reaching out to others and realized that "it's not about me." I have thought many times throughout the past 5 years of how glad I am God moved me to this new place. Sure I often miss my family and the familiarity of the place I lived for 28 years. Still, I am grateful for Him taking me out of my comfort zone and into a fresh, new walk with Him. One where things aren't so certain, but certainly more in His hands. :) Looking forward to how he will "move me" next time.

I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for this great reminder!

Sylvia Goode Basham said...

Van, your devotion today made me smile. I had just come back from my walk/talk with Jesus and from my time in the Word.

Your experience sounded so familiar :-) and I'll keep the situation in mind as my daughter just got married this past Saturday....yes, a short two weeks after She Speaks.

I'm excited about my in-law adventure, but certainly want to remember my boundaries.....even with God :-)

Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD for your message today & MOVIN
My family just 2 months ago moved from Virginia to Washington State.( My Husbands co. relocated our family ). I have 3 daughters a senior, 8th grader and 6th grader.
As a wife I needed to show support, as a mother I needed to give encouragement.
For me , I needed prayer. I have so vented to God , and HE still keeps telling me to Be still and know that He Is God.
I woke up this morning feeling so exhausted physically and emotionally. I asked God why did you do this to us again. ( Eight years ago we had a similar move half way across the country.)
It was then that I read your devotional this morning and then went to your blog, that God spoke to my heart.
Remember what I have done, all the growth and blessings. Remember how I never left you and I promise I will never leave you.
I wanted to thank you for your words of encouragement. God used your words to comfort my heart today.
Thank You.