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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Nothing more to say...

If you are visiting my blog today after having read the P31 devotional – welcome!

Last week I presented one of my favorite topics to a group of teachers at a Staff Development retreat. I spoke on the personalities and how our individual styles drive us to react the way we do.

I wish I weren’t driven to make comments, to have the answer, to provide the solution. I wish I were more like those personalities opposite to mine – content to be quiet, confident to keep my comments to myself.

Alas – I am not that type.

But in my waiting season, God is working on me. There are times to be quiet. There are times to say nothing.

These are the times we practice trust.

What does trust look like?

This morning I read in Luke 18 about several people who trusted:

-a widow repeatedly pursued the judge for resolution on her case – he finally gave her an answer.

-a blind man kept screaming out to Jesus, “Have mercy on me.” – Jesus healed him.

-children came to Jesus – He encouraged all to come to Him with the humble and innocent attitude of a child.

I’m learning to keep my mouth shut where it comes to people whose lives I want to change, yet opening my mouth in prayer and petition to God – in ceaseless conversation, trusting He will keep His promises.

ON another note- my little dog is on a diet. He knows how to wait- he, like the children, the blind beggar, and the widow – when he is hungry, he begs ceaselessly – to the point of driving me crazy. I had to put him on a diet –so said his vet. Then we learned a trick from some friends- add a can of beans to his food so his belly fills up and feels full. Yes- now when my doggie begs he gets beans. He gets food and I give him what he needs.

Is there a chance that God is giving me what I need and I just don’t’ see it. Maybe I am blind to what I need because I am so focused on what I want!

Ahhhh – sweet revelation.

I am off to chew on that and



Wendy said...


Thank you so much for this mornings devotional and this post. How timely they both are as hit a place yesterday in a painful and heavy situation that my heart has grown weary and I don't have ANYTHING to say. I just want to just sit and be. And now, through your words, I see...that's perhaps where I should have been all along...for it is when we are quiet that He can be heard the loudest.

Alli said...

Thanks for encouraging me to wait for the Lord's comments to me instead of me commenting and commenting.... Looking forward to His still small voice today.

Anonymous said...

Just came from Prov. 31 devotional...it struck a chord. I am there...my children making choices I have no control over and God is teaching me to trust HIM. (I didn't say I'd learned it yet...especially in this area.) I need to listen for His voice...sometimes it's hard to recognize it through the "craziness" and worries that shout at me....I have to remember to tell those worries to "shut up" (no need to be polite to them).

Thanks for the reminder...God be with you...as we wait on Him.

Camille said...

You have just written exactly how my life has been for the last MONTH. Me taking the dog for a walk and my mind and mouth talking the whole mile...to the point I have absolutely nothing left to say. I've had to lay my worries, fears, and frustrations of my daughters actions down at the foot of the Cross of our Lord - I've even had the gall of asking "are you hearing me".....GOD has just spoken to me loud and clear through today's post. Thank you GOD for reminding me you always hear me - I will be quiet now and let GOD do his almighty work in my daughter's life.

Judy said...

wow! I can really relate-- my exercise time is a precious time with God.

cindie said...

Thank you for the post this morning. I am a mother of 3 grown children and grandmother of 5... and God is working on me as well in this season of my life.
I so want to fix things... sometimes "fix" my adult children... but I am learning instead to fix my eyes on Jesus and it is making all of the difference.
I am a work in progress!

Dana said...


God is soooo GOOD!!! The words he gave you to write were the very words I desperately needed to hear today.

God Bless You,

Annie said...

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. For 10 months, I've been dealing with a separation from my husband. Very little communication occurs and I crave resolution and peace. I'm trying (SO HARD) to hear him speak to me and give me direction but it's hard...any additional readings or advice would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Today was appointed for me to read your Prov. 31 devotional. I too have a married son whom I am agonizing over some choices that he and his wife are making. I tend to be a 'let's see what I can do to fix it' person. It's difficult for me to step back and watch things happen that I sense are not good choices. But, I know that the Lord loves them even more than I do, so I need to listen to His word, rest in Him and let go and let God. I have been and will continue to pray that they will seek the Lord in their decisions and then step back and pray that I will have the trust in Him to let it go. Thank you for sharing your heart and life with other women. We do need to share and encourage one another!! I praise the Lord for the way He used you today to confirm to me His answer to my prayers.

Liz said...

I am arriving to your blog by way of my Proverbs 31 devotional email. Today's title grabbed my attention and the devotional was timley for me also! My adult son and his fiance are making (and not making) some decisions that I have struggled over, and although they are not married - yet - their commitment to one another is the same as if. Great reminder for me as I have prayed and dropped in little hints. :)
Love your blog and I am glad that I found it. (this is my first visit to yours and I will remember the name "Van")
Thanks for the blessing today.

sharron said...

Thank you for the Prov. 31 devotional.. I needed to read and put into my heart the message you wrote for the email today. It's very hard as a mother to let my children go and to raise their own family without always trying to put my 2 cents in. The message that you wrote is so very helpful. Thank you for sharing with us what God puts into your heart.

Anonymous said...

I am so working on this also. It's amazing...I just said this in my bible study on how I need to keep my mouth shut. Expecially when dealing with my adjult children.

Anonymous said...

Your Prov.31 devotional hit home. I have 3 grown daughters, 5 grandchildren and 1 dau. continues to be my struggle. But now at a point in my life where I think my own marriage/life should be ok suddenly I find out that it is crumbling. I was suddenly pulled into the place of "Lord........" - yeah, nothing to say. My heart is breaking. The song by John Waller, from Fireproof - yeah, I have to stay there - Waiting on the Lord.

Deborah H. said...

Thank you for your daily devotions.
This is the first time I have been to your blog and I can say it truly lifted my spirit. I know that I will be checking on your blog time and again.
Once again thank you for your timely devotions and your blessed blog.
Deborah H.

Just Me said...

Thank you so much for your devotion on nothing more to say...it really touched my heart! Those were words I needed to hear today.

Just Me said...

Your devotion hit the spot for me today. Thanks!!!

Laura said...


I love your devo today! You bless me each time you put words out there. Thank you, friend.


Still working on that...

Anonymous said...

wow, I think God is telling me something very important for right now! He has been telling me "silence is golden" for about 2 years now. Yesterday, as I read Leviticus 3, I read, "Aaron remained silent". That stuck with me all day. Also, 2 days ago I read Hebrews 5:7-8 where it talks about Jesus crying out to God and was heard because of His reverant SUBMISSION. LORD, give me the grace to pour out my heart to You and listen, listen, listen!

Anonymous said...

As I read your devotion entitled,
"Wednesdays are for Waiting," I
laughed, then smiled and became
quiet in my spirit.
Oh how privileged we are to have a
Father who knows our every need and...frailties!
Thank you for sharing in such a vulnerable way how richly blessed we are to have Him and one another.

Anonymous said...

As I read your devotion entitled,
"Nothing More to Say," (not "Wednesdays are for Waiting," as previously posted)I laughed, then smiled and became quiet in my spirit.
Oh how privileged we are to have a
Father who knows our every need and...frailties!
Thank you for sharing in such a vulnerable way how richly blessed we are to have Him and one another.

Julie Coleman said...

Hi Van:
Loved your devotional today. It is true that our prayers often sound more like Christmas wish lists than a conversation with God. If we give Him the time He directs our thoughts and gives us the answers we seek. I'm so glad you wrote that truth so eloquently. Obviously you struck a chord with many readers, judging by the responses today!