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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Oh – I am tired – a good kind of tired. Friends just left after a wonderful evening of sitting around, visiting and eating some of the best food the city of Charlotte has to offer – food fixed by my husband.

Let me back up. I recently met a lady whose son transferred from his old school to a new school – the school my younger son attended. I have a close friend whose son also attends that school and plays football with my new friend’s son.

"So," – I thought, “Why not bring them all together to meet one another. After all the parents are going to be cheering their sons on to victory every Friday night for the next two or three months."

Then I invited them all to dinner. Of course they were happy to come.

I mean I can’t think of anything I enjoy more than being invited into someone’s home for a meal.

Well- at 6:00 the door bell rang and there stood my new friend, her husband and their handsome football player son with an apple pie held high.

In a little while the other family arrived. Everyone hit it off as we sat around the table, ate fabulous food – ribs, shrimp boiled with potatoes, and corn on the cob. We also had grilled peaches and green beans all freshly purchased from the farmer’s market this morning.

Pretty soon the boys left together- MISSION ACCOMLISHED. New kid on the block was accepted by big senior football guy who has already signed to play college ball.

Parents smiled – happy their children had hit it off. Happy that new kid had been brought into the circle, happy that football senior dude had been humble enough to include new guy.

Now that is the kind of networking I like. I think I can go to bed tonight with a smile- I hope God saw my good deed and is pleased with me.

You know why I did what I did tonight? It's not because I am some kind of good person – No. I did it because I have been the new kid. My sons have been the new kid. Others did it for me and now I had the opportunity to pass it on.

Did I say I am tired. Cooking for football players- hoping they get enough to eat is stressful.

I am going to bed.



B His Girl said...

Mission accomplished! I'm sure it meant a lot to the family. Good job and dinner! B

Kim said...

What a wonderful gesture and even better how everyone to include the kids hit it off!

My them grilled peaches sound so yummy... my mouth started to water as I read that...