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Monday, September 28, 2009


Pilgrims Grow

Yesterday I felt smart as I listened to my pastor deliver his sermon. He is preaching on my fave topic- MOSES’ MOVIN’ SAGA

I sat with my Bible in my lap listening to a story I had heard so many times, yet enraptured by the newness of it – the relevance of it.

But, I must say I had already thought of what my pastor was saying. Not a bad thing, mind you because it confirmed what I had considered so many times after so many moves. I felt my moments with God studying His Word had been right on.

God moves us to grow us.



Why oh why, God, do you move me? It’s hard. I have to pull up stakes. It’s sad I have to leave so many memories behind. It’s rattling. There is so much change and uncertainty ahead.

Why? Indeed.

My pastor’s take: Moses like so many of us needed a move to humble him. You see God allowed him to see that he was living among aliens. When we are new to a neighborhood, community, job, or church we come just as we are – no credentials, no positions of power, no reputations (could be a good thing- huh?)… Then the question is: “How do I let people know just who I am? After all they don’t know how capable I am. They don’t know I am a leader. They have no idea – I ran that business single handedly. I was in charge of a large nursery. I taught Bible to 300 women each week…

Moses was an adopted prince. He could have said as God began to humble him when he was invited into the tent to have tea with the priest of Midian, “Even though I grew up in a palace I will sit down here on the floor with you. By the way, you might want to know I commanded large work forces back in my home town. I didn’t dirty my hands where I came from. People moved out of the way when I passed by. Blah blah blah.”

God humbled Moses by moving him out of his comfort zone. I have been taken from my comfort zones and comfort zones aren’t always what you think they are. Think of these as comfort zones:

My neighborhood.

My reputation:

I was the go to gal for…

My child was a star on the stage and the court.

I was the PTA president.

I was best friends with the pastor’s wife.

My front porch was the gathering place for all the mothers every afternoon.

What is your comfort zone? What defines you? If it were to be taken from you, would it rock your world?

God wants to be our comfort zone.
God wanted to humble Moses so He could be Moses' comfort zone.

I like the quote my pastor read by C.S. Lewis:

“Humility isn’t thinking less of ourselves. It is thinking of ourselves less.”

Are you living in your comfort zone or are you zoning in on God?



From Wallyce: said...


**I didn't know where to leave a response to your Proverbs. 31 online devotion today, so I'm leaving it here...Hope that's o.k.

I don't always read the Proverbs 31 online devotions (or thoroughly) because I'm in seminary and have so much else to read... and somehow, they don't always connect with (esp. as I am single and lots of the topics are geared to/flavored by a married w/children mentality.

Just wanted you to know this "If you say so/lower your nets again" devotion really resonated with me. As a former foreign missionary, a single woman who's sought after God's Will in vocation and avocation, I have felt wearied by the lack of full nets (never empty; just seemingly never overflowing). Even now, as I pursue a graduate degree to be able to be in alignment with His Will, I have felt disheartened and alone in it all (putting myself through financially, etc.)

Anyway, in ways I'm too tired to list right now, the Proverbs 31 devotion blessed me - thanks!

Grace and Peace,
Wallyce Todd

Marsha Loftis said...

I just stopped by after reading a
P31 devotion... I love the way you "sign off" or sign your entries. "Shine"
My wonderful mother has been telling me for years, "One day, sweet daughter, the sun will shine on you."
After many confusing and hard years and long before I turned my life over to God she would continue to tell me these words. I now know that what she meant was that the "Son" would shine on me and I would shine for the Son! Just had to tell you that I felt a connection! I'll be back to visit soon!
In Christ,