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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Waiting is like watching grass grow

The grass in our yard has slowly burned out over the last few years. IT all began with the drought several summers ago – we couldn’t water the lawn so what could we do, but sit by and sadly watch it gooooooooooooooo.

Then the rains returned and we could once again water our lawns. There was one problem – weeds and dead grass drank up the water. Nothing changed with the looks of our once-beautiful lush lawn.

The solution – plant grass seed.

… which is what my husband did two weeks ago.

Ever since then he has watched grass grow.

I wish waiting were as fulfilling as watching grass grow.

Knowing the seeds will germinate we spread them out, cover them with hay, and water. Of course a few warm sunny rays and daily watering encourage the little seeds to sprout.

It’s a miracle actually – that so many little seeds would work in harmony to sprout and grow filling in patches here and there.

Oh how I wish I could plant seeds and have them quickly grow- filling in my waiting gaps.

As l look over the yard, observing how the grass has grown I am reminded- somewhere the seed I planted – prayer has sprouted. It is growing. I just don’t see it.

How do I know? Why am I so confident?

God has told me to ask. He has told me to wait on Him. He has said if I wait I will rise up.

I don’t know why He keeps me in suspense, but I do know HE has a plan and I don’t want to miss it.

I trust God to nurture the seeds of prayer and faith I have planted.

So while I am wait for some mighty big miracles, I’ll continue to



Liz said...

Don't you know it...I wish that all the seeds I plant grew like grass. So many of them are oak trees, it seems. But yes, you are right! We can trust God to grow them, because He promises!
Shining with you!

lisasmith said...

Sure feel like I'm waiting for a bunch of little seeds to take root over here!! Love your analogies, Van!

Have a great day!

Jeanmarie said...

you are so cool... God truly shines in you!

Lara's Laugh Lines said...

~The song "He's got the WHOLE world in His hands" came to mind as I read your blog this morning.~

Our God is the most incredible team builder. Our jr. high group is praying for an additional female leader. I'm ready to jump right in and get the ball rolling,but your story reminds me that God's choice & timing are ALWAYS the best. Thank you for the encouragement! Blessings!