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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Around the world

I love to travel. I inherited the bug from my adventurous parents. When I was a little girl living in Colombia, my family traveled to the most exciting of places- hidden lakes high in the Andes Mountains, amazing canopied jungles deep in the backwaters of the Amazon River, remote beaches... and my favorite place- a city by the name of Cartagena. The city is charming! An old city, it is fortified and protected by a fort that holds mysteries and historical tales complete with pirates, Spanish galleons, ship wrecks... intrigue beyond any child's imagination.

Imagine my heartbreak when I heard from a loyal P31 Encouragment for Today reader that my favorite city is one of the world's capitals for human traficking.

I know life is already too hard for most of us. I know we don't need another reminder of the wickedness out there in the world. I know...

BUT WE NEED TO PRAY for deliverance, protection, release. Please pray for the children in the slums of Cartagena.



B His Girl said...

Catching up on a few posts. How sad to find that out about a city you see in a different light. I pray His light shines there to bring freedom, hope, and joy for all. I always think of you when I see the word 'shine'. b