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Thursday, March 11, 2010

What are you wating for?

Today my “baby” celebrated his 22nd birthday. He is on spring break skiing in Colorado. I am so happy for him to be able to celebrate doing what he loves.

I waited a whole long extra month for that child to be born. He was due around Valentine’s day and then a month later he made his grand appearance. Talk about waiting! We were all happy to meet him and he was worth the wait, has been all his life: a kind, patient, forgiving, caring child. So glad he is mine. So worth the wait.

On another waiting note.

I arrive home today from work to the wonderful smells of dinner cooking and found my husband leaning over the laundry basket folding clothes – mine!

For a fleeting moment I stepped back in time to the days when our marriage was shaky – to days when I even wondered why I had married him. Rough days!!
A godly group of older women surrounded me with their wisdom and kept my marriage stuck together.
Honestly there were times when I had lost hope.

I stayed in my marriage out of obedience to God. I had made a promise to Him and breaking it wasn’t an option.
God blesses those who obey Him.

What a blessing to come home to my DH today. I cannot imagine what a disaster I would have created had I followed the word’s advice and walked away from a promise. Today we celebrate a strong bond. We stand together facing the future. We smile at the days to come.

Are you struggling with doubts about your marriage? I would like to invite you to join my friend Melanie as she leads a marriage conference – on line. For more information click  What Matters Most 

Don't know what it is you are waiting for, but while you wait,



Laura said...

Hi, Van,

Your words are so precious to me. We went through a similar season in our marriage. It's difficult to explain the depth of relationship that come from making it through such a time, isn't it? It is my prayer that couples everywhere will not give up on their promise easily.

Blessings to you!

Mari said...

I can personally relate to this. Just tonight, I shared my snack, with my husband of 17 yeras. He's the man I almost walked away from. I'm so glad I stayed!