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Saturday, March 27, 2010

If You Think Kids Say The Funniest Things...

listen to what my teens shared with me today in class:

Teaching in a Christian school has its advantages. I am encouraged to weave spiritual lessons into my classes.

Today I introduced my teens to Resurrection Eggs- in Spanish!

Resurrection Eggs? Plastic eggs filled, not with candy, but with symbols representing different stages of Holy

Examples - a little donkey or a picture of a donkey. Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Another example: three nails. Jesus was nailed to the cross.

Example number three: praying hands. Jesus prayed the night before he was crucified.

And I asked after one of my students opened his egg, said "praying hands" in Spanish and then explained the significance of praying hands. I asked, " Where was Jesus when he prayed the night before his crucifixion?"   

Pause. Students thinking.  "Uh...."  Head shaking back and forth. "Dunno."

A hand flew up. "I know. The garden of ---- Eden. Eden, that's it, right?"

"Yeah," another chimes in. "The garden of eatin'." They had just finished eatin' the last supper."

Now they were on a roll. They had it! Or so they throught.

Talk about the blind leading the blind!

"No way, not the garden of eatin'," came another voice. "The garden of Eden, dude."

Then discussion, debate, and corrections developed around the garden of eatin' and the garden of Eden.

I sat still, observed, and listened   ---- amazed.

"That was Adam and Eve in the garden of eatin'. They were eating apples! Long before Jesus. Get it? "

Confusion ----on many faces.   "Well WHERE was he then?"

Mind you this is a Christian school.

But before you get too judgmental, let me tell you that the school where I teach is an out reach school. Families do not have to profess or practice Christianity to attend, they only have to agree to allow their children to be exposed to Christianity.

I love it!

So I wasn't too aghast as I observed the young teens talk about a topic they thought they understood.

Remember - they are battling Easter bunnies and Easter eggs - and what do they have to do with Holy Week and the resurrection? These kids have every right to be confused! 

Yet, they were interested and searching for truth and the facts.

I explained - about the Garden of Eden - Adam and Eve - and sin.

I described - the Garden of Gethsemane - Jesus - and forgiveness and redemption.

"Ah --" I get it confused face responded. "Thanks."

"Jesus prayed for you in the garden." I explained. "He prayed that you and I would step into relationship with him and the Father. That is what he was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane."

Before they left I prayed with them, for them -- to get it, to understand the message. It's not new or foreign. They are invited to come to Jesus each week during chapel. I prayed that Jesus would become real to each one over the next week.

I'm praying tonight that lives will be changed.

I love my job. I love those precious kids, their honesty, their innocence, their curious minds, and their willingness to open up. I'm honored that God has invited me to



Karen said...

what a beautiful opportunity!!! I pray along side with you for those precious teens!

Thank you for sharing such a precious moment!!!

blessings dear planter,

may God bless your work abundantly!!!,

in Jesus name,


Mariel said...

how fun! I taught a group of kids spanish a couple years ago with my sons' homeschool group and I loved hearing them say John 3:16 in spanish and knowing I was able to teach them that!

I have missed visiting your blog...I was a frequent visitor before, but have recently gotten back into blogging and will be attending She Speaks this summer and I SO look forward to meeting you! :)

B His Girl said...

What an opportunity you have to impact these children! Love the creativity and the message. Keep shining! Blessings, B

Julie Coleman said...

I love that you stressed the relational part of salvation. I taught 20 years in Christian schools, and I am still pondering why so many don't stay with Christ when they graduate. They have enough truth in them, surely, after all those years of Christian education. My gut feeling is that we are selling them a culture instead of a personal relationship with Christ. They adapt to their environment, learn the language and what is acceptable behavior. But they never personally commit to what God has offered them-- an intimate, personal relationship.

Good on you for stressing what God's intention is. Those lucky kids to have you as their teacher! Your impact on their lives may never be known until you receive your reward in heaven.